We are ERG

Our edge lies in our "know-how": the experience, efficiency and capability of our people. We have grown over our past 80 years thanks to the foresight of our management and the expertise of our professionals.
This is why we constantly invest in our People.

Dynamism, proactivity and foresight are the distinctive elements of those who work at ERG. People who have been able to understand and interpret the future and to flexibly adapt to change. Our transformation has become a personal development factor. We have focused on people and on their skills. We chose to recognise talents even before roles, betting on new career paths and on professional growth.

We believe that personal awareness of one's skills, motivation, and talent is the first step to start off on a personal and professional development project.
That's why over time we have built a set of processes and tools aimed at achieving strategic objectives and, at the same time, managing and encouraging optimal growth for our people.

How we recognise the value of our People 
For us, skills, capabilities, and the training of our people are an important heritage: they are at the heart of our competitiveness and of our industrial scale, that of a company that operates vertically across the value chain to extract value from the work of its managers and specialists. In recent years we have transitioned from the concept of "Human Resources" to that of "Human Capital": a substantial difference that lies mainly in the consideration that a "resource" is "used" while "capital" is "corporate wealth".

To develop these concepts in practice and find a way to measure the "value of human capital" we created an index: we call it the Human Capital Coverage index. Using the Human Capital Coverage index, we can measure the coverage of professional requirements in an absolutely scientific manner, and as a result we can measure the skills that we need to manage our business. And vice versa, we can understand where we lack the skills we need to adequately cover the assigned responsibilities.

The objective basis on which the Human Capital Coverage index is based also makes it possible to express the return on investments made in human capital as a numerical value.

The training of our People 
Our approach to talent management implies that every year all of our people are invited to design their own training.
Managerial behaviour is required of all employees: employees must know how to manage themselves and their personal resources to create value.

ERG and ERG People, through the stories of our People

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