We are ERG

Working for ERG means being part of a Group with a holistic view of people, their talent, their characteristics and the diversities that make them unique.

We believe that self-awareness and an understanding of one's skills, motivation and ideas are the key factor in constructing and pursuing people's full personal and professional development.


The expertise, qualities and training of our people are important assets for us: these factors represent the crux of our competitiveness and industrial dimension. The concept we like to associate with people is that of Human Capital, which interprets the value of a person as capital, an asset.

ERG's Human Capital is founded on our talents, our skills and our relationships. None of the results we have achieved would have been possible without the full contribution of our People.

A place where everybody makes a difference with their diversities. In order to tangibly develop these concepts and find a way of measuring the value of human capital we have created an indicator: the Human Capital Coverage.


Working for ERG means embarking on a process of continuous improvement, a challenge but also a shared experience. Our value added lies in the knowledge, experience, efficiency and capabilities of our people.

Our transformation has also become an individual development factor: we have chosen to promote people before roles, placing the emphasis on new skills and professional development.

Our approach to training and continuous improvement is based on our request that every single resource plans their own training programme.

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Page updated at 12 Aug 2020