Group Structure

The Group's organisational structure features a strong focus on process logic and the implementation of strategic business leverages, and provides for the definition of two macro-roles:

• ERG S.p.A. – Corporate – which provides strategic guidance, is directly responsible for business development processes and ensures the management of all business support processes.

Following the organisational changes,  the company has been organised into the following areas:

- Business Development and Merger & Acquisitions
- Engineering Development
- Administration, Finance, Control & Procurement
- Human Capital & ICT
- Regulatory & Public Affairs
- Corporate & Legal Affairs
- ESG, IR & Communication

• ERG Power Generation S.p.A., which is assigned responsibility for the Group’s industrial and commercial processes, is organised into:

- Wind, Thermo and Solar generation technologies, which in turn are organised into production units on a geographical basis;
- Energy Management & Sales, as a single entry point to organised markets and the main clients/counterparties;
- a centre of process engineering technological excellence for the different generation technologies; 
- a structure dedicated to managing health, safety and environmental protection issues for the entire Group.

Starting from February 2022, in order to continue the path of growth started and achieve the ambitious targets set in the Business Plan, the Group has implemented a business model rooted in the different realities and at the same time flexible, which takes into account both the geographical and the technological diversification, particularly in the solar business. Therefore, within the Business Development and M&A Organisational Unit, two macro areas have been established at European level – Central West Europe & Nordics and Central East Europe – bringing together the Country Business Development and M&A organisational structures. These remain responsible for identifying, coordinating and finalising organic development and M&A initiatives at local level.