Responsible and sustainable supply chain management and the creation of value for stakeholders and commercial partners: these are fundamental values for ERG.

ERG seeks a commitment from suppliers, subcontractors and external collaborators to share its principles, requesting compliance in adopting the rules of conduct envisaged in the ERG Group Code of Ethics, the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Organisation and Management Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231.

ERG also ensures that compliance with the fundamental ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles is guaranteed throughout the supply chain with the aim of assessing, by 2021, a number of suppliers equal to 80% of the purchase volume handled.

  The Group encourages all those who become aware of any violation of the Code of Ethics or Supplier Code of Conduct to send a report to the address

Useful Documents

Supplier Code of Conduct
Code of Ethics
Modello di Organizzazione e Gestione D.lgs. 231
Sustainability Policy
Human Rights Policy
Policy of Significant Third Parties

Sustainable Procurement

Our commitment to adhere to the highest standards of social, ethical and environmental responsibility covers all sectors of our business, including relations with suppliers of goods and services.

This is why we launched the "Sustainable Procurement" project in 2020: suppliers belonging to certain product categories are monitored and evaluated in terms of ESG through a questionnaire on the "Achilles" web platform. Following the assessment, each supplier is assigned an ESG score on the basis of which ERG may provide for the implementation of monitoring activities, audits at the supplier's premises or the definition of improvement plans. Access to the evaluation portal is exclusively upon invitation from Procurement.

Sustainability Rating

Sustainability Rating
Sustainable Rating

ERG has set itself the objective of evaluating suppliers in terms of sustainability, and aims to evaluate those representing around 80% of the volume of purchases handled by 2021, organising evaluating audits at the purchaser's premises.

Furthermore, the assessment of HSE aspects will be completed for all suppliers operating on ERG sites by 2020, regardless of the type or amount of activity.

ERG Procurement has chosen SAP Ariba

Improving and making end to end processes from the supply phase to the production phase even quicker and more efficient through digitalisation and simplification: this is the goal behind our opting for SAP Ariba.

With the "One ICT" project, ERG has focused on the cloud in order to have a more flexible infrastructure, which will gradually offer better integration, process efficiency, updating speed and lower running costs.

The choice of SAP Ariba is part of this strategy, directing all purchasing processes onto one single platform, bringing together all the supply needs of the different company departments together and making it possible to share unique and timely information within the organisation.

This solution also provides our counterparts with a single reference interface for entering into contact and collaborating with our organisation, facilitating for us the acquisition of information, such as that regarding compliance with and adhesion to our code of conduct, and making the updating and involvement of our suppliers quicker and easier.

Another step forward for our Sustainable Procurement!