ERG's website has been so designed that it can be accessed both by people with physical disabilities of a visual, motorial or sensory nature who have to use technological aids and by those who have difficulties accessing the web due to technical limitations (less recent computers, other browsers, screens with different resolutions, a slow internet connection).

Technically speaking, proof of a website's accessibility can be obtained by following the guidelines contained in the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) of the W3C the global consortium which is devoted to making website planning standards universal.
In compliance with these guidelines, the ERG website has been written in HTML 4.01 Strict, following the principle of separating the information content and the formal presentation via the systematic use of cascading style sheets (CSS). Both languages are then checked by the W3C's official validators.

The general level of accessibility of the ERG website can be defined as WCAG 1.0 Level A+, but several criteria belonging to levels 2 and 3 have also been respected.

As well as using automatic tools to validate accessibility, such Bobby and Lift, the website was also tested out using the most common browsers (Internet Explorer 9 and superior version, Mozilla; Chrome; Safari) and, in order to be sure of the website's accessibility to the blind, using, Jaws by Freedom Scientific, the most widespread program in Italy, adopted by the majority of visually-impaired users.

Should any page of the website not be fully accessible to some user categories, the problems encountered may be reported via email to the Web Editor.