We develop the production of energy from renewable sources and we are on the front line of energy transition and protecting the climate.

The international scientific community is now in agreement that climate change represents a genuine threat to future generations and that it is largely the result of human activity and greenhouse gas emissions. In this global context, the main challenges facing us are:
- accelerating energy transition, minimising our consumption and combating climate change;
- protecting the environment and biodiversity.

We respond proactively to these challenges thanks to our business model focused on sustainable development and decarbonisation objectives. In fact, by continuously developing and improving the efficiency of our plants, we protect the climate and promote energy transition through:
- the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources;
- the promotion of energy efficiency;
- the use of best available technologies at our plants to achieve a continuous reduction in emissions;
- the use of fuels with low carbon content (natural gas) to reduce air pollution.

Through these actions we contribute to the achievement of European and global goals to limit the average global temperature increase to below 2°C by the end of the century, focusing every effort to limit this increase to 1.5°C.
Our approach to climate change

Climate change brings both risks and opportunities to our activities, and for this reason in 2019 we launched a project to analyse the impacts of climate change on our business. The project was developed based on the guidelines of the TCFD (Task force on Climate related Financial Disclosure), implemented by the European Commission.

The main fact that emerged from the analysis is that ERG, having already made the transition towards a decarbonised economy, has already implemented actions and processes that allow it to be resilient and ready to face a predominantly green generation model.

See our climate change risk and opportunity analysis
Page updated at 28 Mar 2021