Performance and reporting

We combine business and sustainability and communicate this commitment through our periodic reports, which enables us to enter into transparent and sincere dialogue with our stakeholders.

Since 2007 we have reported our sustainability performance that, since then, has borne witness to the profound evolution of our business to our current position as a leading independent renewable electricity producer in Europe. We have placed our stakeholders at the centre of this process in the belief that a transparent and honest dialogue forms the basis of all relationships of trust and shared growth.

We declare our business and sustainability strategies, assess and monitor our performance with the aim of defining challenging targets, and disclose our progress in achieving them.

This transformation is full of opportunities: the protection of the environment and biodiversity (link to the page), the acceleration of the energy transition, and the development and health of our employees require innovative and sustainable solutions, and demand our active participation.
Page updated at 12 Aug 2020