The main community activities

Ambiente, Salute e Sviluppo Sociale

ERG ReGeneration

The second edition of the ERG Re-Generation Challenge, the business plan competition created to provide students, start-uppers and companies with the opportunity to develop business initiatives, began in June 2018. In the scouting phase, the first edition of the ERG Re-Generation Challenge involved Umbria, Lazio
and Marche with a total of 66 projects presented.

The three winners continued their entrepreneurial development process by forming contacts and agreements with major companies in the energy sector.
The second edition was national in scope, focusing particularly on the regions of South and Central Italy. The three best ideas were awarded a sum of money to help develop their projects.

Now in its fifth year, environmental education project "Vai col Vento!" (Go with the wind!) is dedicated to third-year middle school pupils in the municipalities that host our wind farms. The project has been sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment since its launch and - as of 2016 - also by the Carabinieri. It involves around 1,600 students a year from Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Campania, Molise, Puglia and Sardinia.

The initiative aims to the awareness of students and teachers as to the active role the
younger generations can play in safeguarding the environment and developing the culture of sustainability, involving classroom lessons focused on renewable energy sources, and wind in particular, on environmental topics, climate change and energy efficiency.

The lessons are complemented by guided visits to the wind farms during which our expert technicians illustrate the various phases of developing, managing and running a wind farm right through to the production of electricity.

A tutta acqua!
Dedicated to secondary school students in Umbria, Lazio and Marche where we are present with our hydroelectric plants, the second edition of environmental education project "A tutta Acqua!", developed in follow-up to "Vai col Vento!" and adopting the same format, was held in the spring of 2018.

As well as the training sessions and guided tour of the Galleto plant, the children also have the chance to
visit the protected area of the Marmore Falls.
Progetto Scuola
In 2010 we launched "Progetto Scuola" ("School Project") to support activities in schools of all levels and types in the province of Syracuse. In 2018 we once again supported the Legality Project organised by the provincial headquarters of the Carabinieri of Syracuse through the launch of the competition entitled "Un casco vale una vita" ("Helmets save Lives") dedicated to third-year middle school pupils.

We also supported the "Icaro 2018" road safety education project organised by Syracuse's provincial Traffic Police division, which involves approximately 2,000 secondary school students.

This event is dedicated to final-year students of technical schools in the areas where our plants are located, and organised as part of "Progetto Scuola". Held various times in the province of Syracuse, in 2018 the initiative was also held for the third consecutive year in the cities of Terni, Perugia, Rieti and Viterbo: in November
over 250 youngsters from four technical schools visited the hydroelectric plant in Galleto.

In Sicily students from Augusta, Palazzolo and Carlentini (all in the province of Syracuse) were able to visit the combined-cycle power plant in Melilli and the control centre of the wind farms in Carlentini. Our managers and engineers explained the technical characteristics of the two plants to the students, highlighting the importance for ERG of energy efficiency and sustainable production.
Cilla Liguria Onlus

In 2018 ERG supported the Cilla Liguria Non-Profit Association in the construction of an Accommodation Centre in the Convent of the Capuchin Sisters of Quarto dei Mille for families with children hospitalised at the Istituto Gaslini of Genoa.

The Centre will be made available to relatives of children from other towns being treated
at the Genoa hospital free of charge.

Mus-e Onlus

We support the Mus-E ONLUS Foundation (non-profit organisation), which promotes projects for primary schools where there is a significant presence of immigrant children or children from difficult social and family backgrounds in order to create new generations that are able to live in harmony irrespective of culture, origin, disabilities and all other differences.

Puliamo il Mondo

In collaboration with Legambiente, on Saturday 29 September 2018 we organised our second Corporate Volunteering Day at Piediluco Lake in Terni, one of the biggest natural lakes in Umbria.

The initiative emulated the success of the first day organised in Genoa (Villa Croce) the previous November and forms part of "Puliamo il Mondo", the Italian version of Clean Up the World, for the tidying and cleaning of urban centres.

Together with the volunteers of Legambiente we dedicated the morning to cleaning and tending to the park
next to the lake.

The Oasis of

Opened in 1990, the Oasis of Alviano is cared for by the WWF which guarantees the conservation of the environment and the best possible home for the various species.

There is a large Environmental Education Centre in the park together with seven bird-watching hides equipped with notice boards and explanatory panels to help visitors recognise the various species. A tower was also built so visitors can watch the birds.


Cultura e conoscenza

Umbria Jazz

We support the Umbria Jazz Foundation which organises the "Umbria Jazz" Festival in July in Perugia: during the musical festival the main square in the town was renamed "ERG Square". We also contributed to the organisation of Umbria Jazz Spring, held in Terni.


We support the Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico (INDA, National Institute of Ancient Drama) Foundation which since 1914 has been organising and staging festivals of classical works at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse and promoting the classical culture in Italy and throughout the world.


In November ERG took part in the 2018 edition of the Science Festival, which was held in Genoa between 25 October and 5 November.

As part of the many activities and workshops at the Festival, ERG presented "The Power of Change", a virtual experience for children of all ages during which they are taken on a journey to discover our wind farms, solar installations and hydroelectric plants.


ERG was sponsor of the fifth Camogli Communications Festival (6-9 September 2018).

This year's theme - "Visions" - celebrated the ability to envisage new ideas, to look beyond the tangible and to imagine potential and realistic solutions.

It was the underlying topic of conferences, forums, round tables, interviews, workshops
and shows that looked at social, economic, political, financial and scientific aspects.

and Social
Innovation Expo

 Spreading the culture of Sustainability is very important to us: this is why we support the "CSR IS – Sustainability and Social Innovation Expo", whose key words for the 2017 edition were "Change, cohesion, competitiveness".

We attended the stage held in Genoa and the final nation-wide event at the Università Bocconi in Milan. An important initiative not only for showcasing our best practices for Corporate Social
Responsibility but also for stimulating networking among some of the most important CSR players.

Boot Camp
 We supported the seventh edition of the "Boot Camp", a training event for members of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Genoa. A mix of theory and practice to develop useful skills for tackling the difficult context that Italian companies currently operate in.

We are members of CIVITA, an association that promotes and manages Italy's cultural heritage and protects, promotes and increases the accessibility of its artistic heritage also by organising exhibitions, movie screenings and European projects.

Young People and Sports

Torneo Ravano 

In 2018 we were once again the main sponsors of the "34th Torneo Ravano – 25th Coppa Mantovani", the biggest school sports tournament in Europe.

Held at Fiera di Genova, over 6,000 primary school children (3rd, 4th and 5th classes) participated in the event with 691 teams in 12 different sports (boys' and girls' football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, cycling, fencing, athletics, sailing, rowing, water polo and for the first time also tennis), all of which played strictly in teams.

The "Archimede
and Electra"

The "Trofeo Archimede ed Elettra" ("Archimede ed Elettra Trophy"), the traditional school sports competition
in the Province of Syracuse, was held for the 27th time in 2018.

Held at the "Riccardo Garrone" ERG Sports Centre in Syracuse, the event involved
over 1,000 students from schools in Syracuse and its province.

In 2016, we became partners of "NPC Rieti Pallacanestro" to support the "NPC Cares" project: this initiative was created by the Rieti-based sports team to support the healthy mental and physical development of young people through sports and the success stories of well-known champions.

In 2018 ERG contributed to redesigning the historic basketball court in the Regina Pacis district of Rieti.
Stelle nello Sport

In our role as Gold Sponsor, we took part in the 19th edition of "Stelle nello Sport" (Sports Stars),
a project designed to promote the values of sports among an increasingly large sector of the population in Liguria, focusing particularly on young people and schools and with an emphasis
on lower-profile sports, support for Paralympic sports
and fundraising for the Gigi Ghirotti Association of Genoa and the
Fondazione Areo non-profit organisation.

Sportivo ERG

The "Riccardo Garrone" ERG Sports Centre in Syracuse was subject to a series
of renovation works beginning in 2007. It is now an important sports centre that supports
the community and the region, with a strong emphasis on young people.