The main community activities

Culture and Knowledge

Vai col Vento!

The third edition of the environmental education project "Vai col vento!" took place from March to May. It was promoted by ERG and involved students of the third year of middle school in the municipalities where our wind farms are located. Since its first edition, this project has been sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and by the Carabinieri police since 2016.

It involved 1,500 students from the Regions Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Campania, Molise, Apulia and Sardinia.

The initiative, which has the objective of raising the awareness of students and teachers of the
active role which young generations can perform to safeguard the environment and develop the culture of sustainability, envisaged classroom lectures held on renewable energy sources, wind in particular, on environment topics, climate
change and energy efficiency.

After the lectures, the students were taken on guided tours of wind farms, where our technicians explained how wind farms are built, managed and operated and how they generate electricity.

A tutta acqua!
Further to "Vai col vento!" and featuring the same format, in spring 2017 the first edition of "A tutta acqua!" took place, dedicated to students of high schools in Umbria and Lazio, where ERG is present with hydroelectric plants.

Again in this case, educational moments and guided visits were envisaged care of the Galleto plant
and protected area of the Marmore waterfall.
Progetto Scuola

Starting in 2010, we created the "Progetto Scuola" (School Project), to support activities within schools of all levels in the province of Siracusa.

In 2016, in particular, we supported the "Progetto Legalità" (Legality Project), organised by
Siracusa's provincial Carabinieri division, through the competition entitled "Un casco vale una vita" (Helmets save Lives) for third-year secondary school pupils.

We also supported the "Icaro 2017" road safety education project, organised by Siracusa's provincial Traffic Police division, which involved approximately 2,000 secondary school students.


In the framework of "Progetto Scuola", we organised the "Giornata dell'Energia Elettrica" (Electricity Day). This event involved the last-year students from the technical schools of the areas where our plants are located.

We have held this event several times in Siracusa and, in 2017, also in Terni, Perugia, Rieti and Viterbo. In November, over 150 students from four different technical schools visited the Galleto
hydroelectric power plant. Other students from Augusta (SR), Palazzolo (SR) and
Carlentini (SR) were offered a visit to the combined-cycle power plant in Melilli and to the Carlentini wind farm control centre.

Our managers and engineers explained the technical characteristics of these two plants to the students, while pointing out the importance for ERG of the energy efficiency and sustainability of the production.

ERG ReGeneration Challenge

In Spring 2017, the first edition of the ERG Re-Generation Challenge ended.

This business plan competition was created to provide students, start-uppers and companies with the opportunity to develop business initiatives in the area around Terni.

The project was a part of the "Terni Urban Re-Generation" initiative, developed by the Terni municipality for the redevelopment of the urban area.

10 finalist teams emerged, chosen from among 66 projects originating from 11 Italian regions. The
three best ideas were awarded a sum of money which they can use to develop their projects.

The Oasis
of Alviano

The WWF has been taken care of the Oasis of Alviano since its establishment, in 1990, and contributes to the maintenance of the environment and to better reception facilities.

An Environmental Education Centre is located inside the park, which also includes seven bird watching hides equipped with noticeboards and explanatory panels to help visitors recognise the many species. A tower was also built to help visitors watch the birds.

Mus-E Onlus

We support the Fondazione MUS-E Onlus, which organises projects for primary schools with an elevated presence of immigrant children or those from difficult socio-family situations so as to involve pupils in art creation initiatives for school integration.

In February, ERG supported GeMUN (Genoa Model United Nations), the student conference which annually brings together in Genoa 700 youngsters between 14 and 26, originating from all four corners of the world for three days of work structured according to the United Nations model.

This year the central theme was Sustainable Development.

The participants are students required to simulate diplomatic roles in the guise of representatives of the various countries of the world. The GeMUN, affiliated with the Hague United Nations model, is officially recognised by the UN and is considered to be one of the leading 10 events of its kind worldwide.


Culture and knowledge


Spreading the culture of Sustainability is very important to us: this is why we support the "CSR IS – Sustainability and Social Innovation Expo", whose key words for the 2016 edition were "Change, cohesion, competitiveness".

We attended the edition held in Genoa and the final nation-wide event at the Università Bocconi in Milan.

This initiative was significant not only to showcase our best practices for Corporate Social Responsibility, but also to stimulate networking among some of the most important CSR players.

and the Museum
for Children

In September 2017, our collaboration with Explora and the Museum for Children in Rome concluded, with the "Watch out for the wind!" exhibit on wind energy.

Our goal was to help children understand one of the most important and widespread renewable sources developed in Italy, and help them discover what wind energy is, in a playful experience.


In November, ERG took part in the 2017 edition of the Science Festival, which was held in Genoa between 26 October and 5 November.

Within the sphere of the many activities and workshops scheduled during the Festival, "The Wind of Change" was proposed, a virtual experience conceived for youngsters from the age of 11 upwards.

Boot Camp

We supported the fifth edition of the "Boot Camp", an education event provided to the members of the young Entrepreneurs Group of the Genoa Confindustria.
Theory and practice merge to create useful skills to tackle the difficult scenario that Italian companies are currently operating in.

Light shows at
Siracusa's stone

We supported the initiative of Siracusa's Cultural Heritage Agency called "Un Paradiso da riscoprire", which opened the Archaeological Park of Siracusa's neapolis to night visits, installing a light show system. It is one of the most inspiring locations of the city's cultural and natural heritage.


We support the Istituto nazionale del Dramma Antico (InDA, national Institute of Ancient Drama) foundation, which has been organizing and staging festivals of classical works at the Greek Theatre of Siracusa since 1914, and which promotes classical culture in Italy and throughout the world.

Umbria Jazz

We support the Umbria Jazz foundation which organises the "Umbria Jazz" Festival in July in Perugia: during the period of the musical festival, the main square in the town was renamed "ERG Square". Our contribution also furthered the organisation of Umbria Jazz Spring, which was held in Terni over the Easter period.


We are members of CIVITA, an association that promotes and manages Italy's cultural heritage and which protects, promotes and uses its artistic assets also by organising shows, movie screenings and European projects.

Young People and Sports

Torneo Ravano 

Again in 2017, we were the main sponsors of the "33rd Torneo Ravano – 24th Coppa Mantovani", the most important school tournament in Europe.

This event took place at the Fiera di Genova grounds and included football, rugby, volleyball, basketball matches, team cycling races, fencing, light athletics, sailing, canoeing and water polo.

This edition once again saw record participation with over 5,000 children, who played and, above all, had fun during this 10-day sports event.

The "Archimede
and Electra"

In 2017, the 26th edition of the "Trofeo Archimede ed Elettra" was held: this event is the traditional school sports competition in the Province of Siracusa. The venue for the event was the "Riccardo Garrone" ERG Sports Centre in Siracusa. 1,000 students were involved, from different schools in Siracusa and its Province.
NPC Cares
In 2016, we became partners of "NPC Rieti Pallacanestro" to support the "NPC Cares" project: this initiative was created by the Rieti-based sports team to support the healthy mental and physical development of young people through sports and the success stories of well-known champions.
Stelle nello Sport

In our role as Gold Sponsor, we took part in the 18th edition of "Stelle nello Sport"
(Sports Stars) - a project designed to promote the values of sports in a broader
sector of the population in the Liguria Region, particularly focusing on young people
and students and on to the least-known sports, the support Paralympic sports and
fundraising for the Gigi Ghirotti Association in Genoa and the Fondazione Areo nonprofit organisation.

Sportivo ERG

Renovation work at the "Riccardo Garrone" ERG Sport Centre at Siracusa started in
2007. It has now become an important sports centre that supports the community and the region, with a strong emphasis on young people.