CSR Manager Network

CSR Manager Network
The CSR Manager Network Italy is a round table, in both the physical and virtual sense (periodical meetings and a dedicated website with an online forum), around which company managers and professionals gather to discuss subjects related to Corporate Social Responsibility. The Network, promoted by ALTIS (Postgraduate School Business & Society of the Università Cattolica in Milan) and ISVI (Institute for Corporate Values), aspires to:
  • encourage continuous and in-depth analysis on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), thanks to debates between experts through meetings and structured activities
  • promote behaviour which complies with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility within the Italian economic context
  • provide a representative body to face the political world, business and union representatives, associations/cooperatives and not-for-profit organisations, which is able to take the lead in the national and international debate
The following are of particular importance for the constant monitoring of the development of CSR in Italy and abroad:
  • the annual national Conference, which is also open to external participants
  • workshops (at least five per year) which on the other hand are reserved for members only.

ERG has been participating in the meetings of the CSR Manager Network Italy since 2007.

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ERG partecipates in EticLab, a working group for the promotion of the culture of Corporate Social Responsibility in Liguria.

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