We put our people at the core of our actions, taking care of their working conditions and well-being.

Human capital coverage
+4% compared
to 2018

4.9 days
of training 
per employees

The Power
of Diversity

on permanent employment c

We consider our people to be an important asset for the entire Group, which we aim to protect and enhance through management methods designed to promote their safety, well-being and their professional development.
Our Human Capital, a true company asset, is distinguished by its diversity, enabling us to create a stimulating and inclusive working environment, which was further optimised in 2019 thanks to "The Power of Diversity" project.

A total of 28,804 hours of training were provided in 2020, down 46% compared to last year. The Covid crisis forced a freeze on in-person training, effectively accelerating the transition towards e-learning and learning communities. The goal is to exploit and disseminate the skills that are already available within the company to increase both effectiveness and efficiency. Despite this, 95% of our people were involved in training activities and 37.4 hours were dedicated to training per capita.

Training, the enhancement of talent and inclusion are the principles of our approach to people.

Thanks to the value and precious talent of every single Group employee, we are able to achieve significant results that prove our sustainable growth on a daily basis. We believe it is essential to promote the development of the skills and expertise of our human capital and we develop personal and professional growth models to enhance our resources. We have formalised these responsibilities and principles in our Leadership Model dedicated to the development of human capital.

This model is based on ERG's values and develops in line with expertise and behaviour, with the aim of focusing solely on employees' professional growth and career paths. We are able to monitor crucial aspects of the evolution of our workforce thanks to the Human Capital Coverage, the index that enables us to compare the level of skills "expected" for each roles to the "actual" skills coverage of the people in those roles.

We are women and man living in different and distant places. We also do very different jobs: we are engineers, designers, turbine technicians, talent managers, administrators.

But the thing that makes us equal and united, and even more so in this difficult time for everyone, is the pride and awareness of working together to make a real contribution to a cleaner and more sustainable world, of being part of something bigger.

From Sicily to Scotland, from France to Romania, we are ERG.



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