Our approach

Our everyday actions are guided by the principles of lawfulness and integrity, with a robust and solid governance system. This is how we confront the challenges presented by sustainability and how we create shared value over time for our stakeholders.

Our business model focuses on sustainable development and is consistent with the transition of the energy system, a process in which ERG is playing a central role. We guarantee the integration of business and sustainability thanks to our sustainability governance systems, which include operational departments and bodies that guide, monitor and develop all of our sustainability actions.

We carry out our activities in complete compliance with legal provisions and the Group's procedures and codes of conduct, with a governance system based on solid principles.

We share this integrity with our collaborators, asking our stakeholders to act in a sustainable way in all of their activities along the value chain.

Our Anti-corruption Policy is a concrete example of this ethical dialogue, which is further protected by the sustainability policies that govern our activities.