After a radical and rapid transformation of our business, we have grown while profoundly believing in our mission as independent energy producers with a strong renewable focus, reaching a European scale.

In Italy, we are a long-standing industrial player, in business for more than 80 years, widely recognised and appreciated thanks to our repositioning from oil to renewables. In other countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, we are in a growth and consolidation phase that requires a major development of relations with our stakeholders, particularly institutional stakeholders, local communities, and the media.

Italy, France, Germany, the UK, and Poland are the countries where we have been most active in developing our local engagement and support initiatives to strengthen relationships with our key stakeholders, particularly the media and institutions.

The methods and types of relationship vary according to the degree of maturity and depth of the relationships achieved in the various countries and our business plan’s development objectives.

Although there are diverse strategies, our methodological approach and our way of doing business remain constant.

This is based on integrity, reliability, fighting climate change and developing transparent and collaborative relationships with communities, authorities, customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, and all our other stakeholders. Of course, in 2022, these aspects had to be adapted to the pandemic, which prompted us to exploit the full potential of new technologies and, in particular, digital videoconferencing platforms.

We base the dialogue with our stakeholders on principles such as legality, honesty, fairness, equality, confidentiality, equity, integrity, transparency, and responsibility. These are the same values of our Code of Ethics, which inspire and guide us in the dialogue with the various stakeholders and the implementation of our initiatives.