United Kingdom

The UK is one of our priority markets for developing new renewable assets and is among the countries where we are expecting to experience the greatest growth in wind power installations. We have a significant pipeline of projects in Scotland and Northern Ireland of more than 200 MW and we are committed to growth.

The UK Government has been clear that further action must be taken to cut emissions in order to meet the 2050 net-zero target.

The UK parliament was one of the first in the world to recognise and declare a global climate emergency.
It has also been clear that there are immense economic opportunities in moving to an even greener, cleaner economy, which is why it has put ‘Clean Growth' at the centre of its modern Industrial Strategy. 

The case for onshore wind is clear. It is the cheapest form of renewable energy in the UK and provides the lowest cost pathway to decarbonisation.

Our projects

In the UK, we are working on the development of several onshore wind farm projects both in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Scottish projects are Creag Riabhach in Sutherland (80 MW, consented), Rigghill in North Ayrshire (48 MW, in planning), and Sandy Knowe in Dumfries and Galloway (48 MW, consented; 80 MW in planning). 

The Northern Irish projects are Craiggore (25 MW, under construction) and Evishagaran (48 MW, under construction), both in County L'Derry. 

Sandy Knowe - Go to the project website

Rigghill - Go to the project website

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