With a market share of 12% we are Italy's leading wind energy producer.

We believed in the power of wind and, since 2006, we have been growing intensely both through acquisitions and direct construction.

Thanks to major investments in the industry, we grew quickly to become, as early as 2013, the leading producer of wind power, with over 1,000 MW of installed capacity.

Today, our wind farms amount to 12% of our installed capacity in Italy. Our facilities, which are only onshore, are located mainly in central and southern Italy, with a greater presence in Apulia, Campania, and Sicily.

We grew throughout the area with a systematic and constructive approach, interacting with the various stakeholders and local communities to develop common projects.

The way we work aims at combining optimal resource use with the utmost respect for the social and environmental context in which the wind farms are located. We believe that a synergetic link between environment, energy, and the community is essential to achieve truly sustainable growth.

Where our wind farms are located

Where our wind farms are located
Our Energy is in Line With the European Strategy
Not only is our energy a rapidly growing business, but it also makes a solid contribution to the commitments that Italy has made for the Europe 20-20-20 strategy.

The "Energy Union Strategy", was launched by the European Commission in February 2015, to ensure that Europe and its citizens have access to safe, sustainable, and affordable energy.

Repowering - the Challenge of Refurbishing Wind Farms
After a strong growth, we are now ready to consolidate our presence in Italy, in order to contribute to the development of Italy's system: the renewal of its wind farms. Today about 20% of the installed wind power capacity in Italy (approximately 2,000 MW) is over 10 years old.

This is an important heritage of the Italian electricity system, which together with new installations, is essential to achieve the medium-term energy and climate change objectives. Due to the age of these units and their conditions they need to be renovated to increase their productivity for the future.

This is why we signed the "Charter for Sustainable Wind Power Renewal" on 3 November 2015, which is the result of the work of many national and local institutional stakeholders. The Charter identified the operational rules, the application criteria, and the best practices to ensure effectiveness and transparency in the renovation projects of the existing wind farms in Italy and to build a path towards qualifying sustainability. 

By renewing the plants we will improve their integration with the environment and with the landscape, in order to develop more fully those "windy" areas and municipalities which are often very important culture and tourism-wise.

Reblading: a technological innovation project

Reblading: a technological innovation project

The innovative and challenging wind farm Reblading project took tangible form in the first half of 2019 by completing the installation of new blades on 20 turbines in the Avigliano wind farm (Basilicata).

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