Germany is, along with France, a strategic opportunity for geographic diversification of the Group's activities.
It is the largest European wind energy market, the third in the world, and still has high future growth rates.

We have been in the German wind energy market since 2012 and we want to continue to grow in the country.

Our first investments made in 2012 involved the acquisition of assets of GDF Suez for a total installed capacity of 86 MW.

In 2015 we doubled our presence, acquiring six more wind farms for a total of 82 MW. In May 2015, keeping with our vertical integration model for maintenance, we commissioned our first logistics centre abroad, located in Celle in Germany.

In March 2017 we acquired six wind farms (installed capacity of 48.4 MW) This transaction, in keeping with its overseas growth and diversification strategy, allowed ERG to consolidate its position in the German onshore wind power market, with an installed power of 216 MW. The geographical position of the wind farms, which are located in the Upper Saxony and Rheinland regions near to our wind farms and our German operational headquarters, made it possible to further streamline asset management activities, with potential added advantages also as regards the services performed for third parties.

Where our wind farms are located

Where our wind farms are located
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