Our expansion in France marked the launch, in 2007, of our international presence and of the geographic diversification of our business.

We consolidated our presence in the country and today we are the ninth onshore wind operator in France, with wind farms all over the country: from Brittany to Lorraine, from Normandy to the Loire Valley.

With 307 MW of total installed capacity, France is our second largest market, after Italy.
Thanks to specific growth objectives for the sector, the country continues to be an attractive market where we want to grow further.

Our expansion in France has been marked by important acquisitions. In 2007, we acquired our first wind farms with an output of 64.4 MW. Then we consolidated our French presence in June 2015. With two operations a few months apart we, added six more operational wind farms for a total installed capacity of 63.4 MW, doubling our presence in the country. In October 2015, we acquired eleven more wind farms, for an installed capacity of 124 MW.

In October 2017 we signed an agreement for the acquisition of two wind farms with a total capacity of 16 MW and agreement signed for the co-development of another 300 MW.

In April we stepped up our growth in the French wind power market through the acquisition of two wind farms (26 MW) and a development company with a pipeline of 750 MW: this transaction, in keeping with the 2018-2022 Business Plan objectives, will allow us to achieve an installed capacity of almost 300 MW in the country by the end of the year. We are also growing in terms of development potential, due to the acquisition of a team whose long-standing and proven experience in the sector will supplement our structures already existing in France.

In line with our organic growth model, based on vertical integration of our maintenance activities, we opened a logistics centre in Chartres and a logistics centre in Amiens.

Our growth in the French wind power market

Where our wind farms are located

Where our wind farms are located
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