Our wind farms

We are one of the top ten European onshore operators by installed capacity, we are well distributed across Europe and we intend to expand further.
Our wind farms are deployed in seven European countries. Besides Italy, we operate in France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania, and in 2016 we ventured into the UK. In just a few years, thanks to the dynamic growth we achieved through acquisitions, we have become one of the top ten onshore operators in Europe, with over 1,000 MW installed in Italy and over 700 MW installed abroad.

After a period of rapid expansion through acquisitions, we are now moving towards an organic growth model in order to develop our wind farms directly: we are planning to add over 200 MW between 2017-2018 in the countries that will drive the development of wind energy in Europe: France, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom. This development plan will lead us, by the end of the plan period, in 2018, to have an installed capacity abroad of about 900 MW.

The weight of the foreign component versus the total installed capacity will therefore increase to 44%, from the current 37%, and will increase its contribution to our profits by 178%.