We are among the top ten hydroelectricity producers in Italy. By diversifying into hydropower, we have put together a comprehensive and modular portfolio of renewable energy production.

Rivers and canals. Dams and reservoirs. Water flows, accelerates, stops, and starts flowing again. It is an inexhaustible source of energy that nature has given us. And that returns to nature. It is a cycle. Hydropower's important feature for a producer of electricity is that it can be programmed.

By using an integrated system of plants, we can modulate the production of electricity according to our requirements, ensuring continuity and stability.
That's why in 2015 we entered this sector by acquiring the entire Italian hydroelectric business of E.ON, the Terni Complex. It is a very significant operation for our business, that immediately placed us among the top ten hydropower producers in Italy, with a 4% market share.

This allowed us to quickly have a portfolio of renewable energy plants that is diversified and technologically complete, consistent with our vocation as a green energy operator. Our hydroelectric power plants have a total capacity of 527 MW, which represents 17% of our total installed capacity (more than 3,000 MW).

Our total estimated average annual production is about 1.4 TWh, which means we could supply power to 500,000 households or to a million residential customers. Due to their close connection with the area, the management of hydroelectric plants cannot be limited to the technical-organizational aspect, but it should involve safety and the safeguard of the environment.

Terni Hydroelectric complex

Terni Hydroelectric complex
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