We produce electricity from Nature with wind, water, sun and natural gas.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Through our Energy Management and with our production we actively contribute to the balance of Italy's energy system – not only are we producers, but we also contribute to the network services, thus becoming system operators.

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    Italian Market - Demand and output from 2018 Annual Report

    In 2018, the electricity demand of the Italian electric system came to 321.9 TWh, in line with the values recorded in 2017. With regard to Sicily, a region in which ERG is present with its CCGT plant, demand of approximately 19.4 TWh was recorded during the year, down (-1.0%) with respect to 2017, while in the group of regions consisting of Abruzzo- Lazio-Marche-Molise-Umbria, where ERG has been active since the end of 2015 with its hydroelectric plants, the demand for electricity came to 44.7 TWh (+0.9%).

    In the same period, net internal electricity generation was 280.2 TWh, down by 2% compared with 2017, whilst the net balance of trades with other countries recorded net imports of 43.9 TWh (+16% compared with 2017). 66% of (net) domestic output was covered by thermoelectric power plants and the remaining 34% by renewable sources; specifically, 17% of output was from hydroelectric power, 8% from photovoltaic plants, 6% from wind farms and 2% from geothermal sources. Compared to 2017, hydroelectric power generation grew (+31%) and wind remained the same (+0%), while thermoelectric, photovoltaic, geothermal and wind power generation declined (-8%, -5%, -2% and -1% respectively).

REMIT - Dati relativi alle indisponibilità programmate degli impianti di ERG - Ultimo aggiornamento

In ottemperanza all'obbligo di pubblicazione delle informazioni privilegiate di cui all'art. 4 del Regolamento 1227/2011 UE su trasparenza ed integrità dei mercati energetici all'ingrosso (REMIT), entrato in vigore il 28 dicembre 2011, nei seguenti file sono presenti gli ultimi aggiornamenti dei dati relativi alle indisponibilità programmate e accidentali di entità maggiore o uguale a 100 MW degli impianti di ERG.

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