Social Media Room

We have been active on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube since 2015. As well as being based on mainstays like promptness and dynamism, our communication strategy also aims to illustrate aspects of company life at ERG with the goal of consolidating our reputation as a leading green energy producer and strengthening our relations with our stakeholders. 

is our corporate Twitter account: it is used, both in Italian and English, to communicate news and information on the business, on the performance of the stock and on Corporate Social Responsibility activities, as well as the most important events sponsored by ERG.
In September 2017 we created the @ERGcareers account entirely dedicated to recruitment in Italy and abroad. On @ERGcareers, in an integrated manner with the ERG LinkedIn profile and our corporate website, it is possible to find information on current vacancies but also information on our development and talent management policies, to use as a guide when evaluating one's applications.

Business transactions, financial results, interviews with the management and CSR activities and projects are the main contents of ERG SpA, our LinkedIn profile. Current vacancies are also published in parallel with the @ERGcareers Twitter account.

From February 2020, the ERG family of social media channels includes Instagram: our @ERGnow profile will enable us to interact with our stakeholders using an immediate form of communication very popular with the younger generations, further consolidating our identity as a green company. We will develop educational content like the ERG Glossary – Green Tips and Stories, which we will use to communicate all of the developments that take place at a continuously evolving company like ours. @ERGnow will be the name of our official account and we will use hashtags like #ERGram, #climatechangefighters and our well-established #greenenERGymakers.

ERG Social Media Policy

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    Confident that social media can allow for a more direct relationship with its stakeholders and encourage more participation, ERG has opened on Twitter @ERGnow, @ERGcareers, @ERGFrance and @ERGUK, a special YouTube channel, a company page on LinkedIn and an Instagram profile  ("ERG Social Media").

    This policy ("ERG Social Media Policy") sets out the code of conduct that users must observe when using ERG Social Media, so that these channels can be places of constructive participation for users, with due regard for the opinions of others.

    By using ERG Social Media, users undertake to comply with the ERG Social Media Policy and declare that they have full authorisation over content and material posted.

    All users are responsible for content and material posted on ERG Social Media as well as for any consequences deriving from their actions on the Social Media. User comments and posts represent the opinions of individuals and not of ERG.

    ERG – while reserving the right to remove content and material posted and to block users who do not comply with the ERG Social Media Policy – is not obliged to monitor or control content and material posted by third parties and refutes all liability in that regard. Any use of or trust placed in the content and material posted by third parties using ERG Social Media is at the exclusive risk of the user.

    It is hereby specified, by way of example, that no content or material will be accepted that is considered to be:

    • insulting, intimidating, defamatory, discriminatory, racist, vulgar;
    • obscene, pornographic or such as to offend user sensibility;
    • political or propagandist;
    • in breach of copyright or that unlawfully uses registered trademarks;
    • aimed at promoting commercial activities, products or services or that can be considered spam;
    • illegal or that may suggest or promote illegal behaviour or activities.

    Please also remember that the pages and accounts on social media are not official channels for making reports and complaints.