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So says the Lundquist study, the leading survey on corporate digital communications (corporate website and social media), created with the aim of promoting the transparency and comprehensiveness of online information. The research analyses Italian companies which have stood out in recent years for their commitment to transparent digital communications: just 35 out of an initial sample of 112 listed companies. But what does better communication mean? For Lundquist the most convincing businesses are those which manage to strike a balance between the clarity of their role and their vision and ability to engage the public: these companies fall into the Narrators group, the first of the 4 communication style categories (Explainers – Glitterati – Traditionalists are the other 3). Only 9 of the 35 companies selected fall into the Narrators category and ERG is one of these together with Terna, Italgas, Generali, ENI, ACEA, Leonardo, A2A and ENEL. In the Webranking, the complementary ranking based on more quantitative aspects which assigns up to a maximum of 100 points, ERG remains eleventh in 2019 with 77.6, 0.8 points better off than last year. In contrast, the average score of Italian companies is 43 points, down 0.7 compared with 2018. The top three businesses are ENI with 92.5 - SNAM with 91.3 and Hera with 90 points.

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Climate Change Fighters to the fore!

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