ERG Plastic Free: greenenERGymakers in action!

We can all help to make the world a better place and together, we have the energy to do something useful. This goal is the driving force behind "ERG Plastic Free", a project that reflects the sustainability commitments undertaken by our company as part of its approach to CSR.

Through poor management and abuse of its use, plastic has "invaded" the environment in which we live, resulting in negative consequences for the planet and the conservation of our regions.

We can all take concrete action to combat this by changing our everyday habits: in the last few days, we have begun to distribute mugs and reusable canteens to replace single-use plastic bottles. Our aim is to avoid the use of approximately 200,000 plastic glasses and over 100,000 plastic bottles every year.

We also want to give our coffee breaks a green makeover: we are gradually replacing the vending machines in our staff areas with machines that stock food with sustainable packaging.

Unleash your inner #greenenERGymaker!

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