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ERG has radically changed its business portfolio, anticipating long-term energy scenarios, reaching a position of leadership in the renewable energy sector, in the Italian as well as in the European market.

After the completion of ERG's industrial transformation, started 10 years ago, the Company became a primary independent producer of electricity from renewable sources in Europe. The Group has reached an installed capacity of over 3,000 MW with an asset portfolio that is diversified both technologically and geographically.

ERG is the leading wind power operator in Italy and among the main ones in Europe and it has chosen to adopt a business model oriented to sustainable development and to decarbonisation targets, consistent with the transition process of the energy system that is ongoing throughout the world.

Capital Employed




CO2 Avoided


(1) Adjusted figures, not including the effect of IFRS 16

… a sustainable evolution

Decarbonising ERG's electricity production



ERG's business transformation: increasing production of electricity from renewable sources

In this way, by the end of 2019 ERG had reduced the carbon intensity of its production by 90% since it entered the renewable energies sector and by 37% in the last 4 years

Carbon Index (gCO2/kWh) & RES Productions

Source: non financial information statements

(1) The Carbon index drop in 2010 was due to the entrance into operation of the ERG Power plant which replaced the existing oil fed power plants.
(2) The Carbon index drop in 2014 was due to the sale of the ISAB Energy plant. 

ERG sustainability in numbers



Steady and well balanced portfolio

  • 70% of EBITDA from incentives
  • EBITDA well balanced across different generation assets
  • Geographical and seasonal diversification, allowing for complementarity of the different energy sources
  • Earnings stability  sustained by priority of dispachtment


EBITDA Breakdown FY19

(1) It refers to  Romania, Bulgaria and Poland

(2) Wind EBITDA with incentive, Hydro EBITDA with incentive, 100% Solar EBITDA