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To enhance understanding of the Group's business performance, adjusted revenue and operating results are shown, therefore excluding special items. The restated comparative 2017 figures do not take account of the adjusted results of TotalErg, sold in January 2018.
(1) does not include special items and related applicable theoretical taxes.
(2) includes the non-current financial loan to api S.p.A. (EUR 36 million) as deferred component of the TotalErg sale price.
(3) including cash and cash equivalents and excluding the fair value of the derivatives hedging interest rates
(4) in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets. Including investments through Mergers & Acquisitions equal to EUR 449 million performed in 2018 for the acquisition of the companies of the ForVei Group (solar) and for the acquisitions of companies owning wind farms in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2017, investments through Mergers & Acquisitions amounted to EUR 39.5 million for the acquisition of the DIF Group companies (wind) in Germany
(5) the net unit revenue indicated is expressed in EUR/MWh and is calculated by comparing technology production to revenue captured in the energy markets, including the impacts of hedges, of any incentives payable and variable costs associated with production/sale, including by way of example the costs of fuels and the costs of imbalances.

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