Code of Ethics

"The Code of Ethics is a useful tool for preserving the value and integrity of the Company over time.

It is a set of positive principles and rules of conduct that have always inspired our way of doing business and that ERG has voluntarily chosen to adopt and to make public as a concrete expression of its intentions towards those with whom it interacts.

The Code of Ethics is a point of reference for our everyday work: it is the guide to be followed in order to win the trust of our stakeholders in daily practice.

It is, in fact, our intention for the Code of Ethics to facilitate the achievement of two important objectives: on one hand, to promote and strengthen the sense of socialisation and belonging, harmonising the behaviour of all parties; on the other, to help to increasingly confirm the image of an authoritative, reliable and responsible Group, ensuring the correct foundation for relations with all persons and companies who, for whatsoever reason, come into contact with our Group."

Edoardo Garrone, ERG Group Chairman
The Code of Ethics, by recommending, promoting or prohibiting specific conduct, including what not expressly controlled by regulations, responds to the need explicitly to share, as broadly as possible, the values that should guide the daily work of all members of ERG.
Any breach of these values, recognised by the community and by the market, and any incorrect or unlawful actions, may cause damages that may even be difficult to recover, such as damages to image but, above all, to reputation and credibility, which are precious and essential intangible resources

ERG Group - Code of Ethics
approved by the Board of Directors of ERG SpA on August 3rd 2018
(English version)
Groupe ERG - Code d'éthique
Cette version du Code d'éthique est adoptée par décision du Conseil d'administration d'ERG à la date du 3 août 2018, avec entrée en vigueur immédiate.
ERG-Gruppe - Ethik-Kodex
Die vorliegende Version des Ethik-Kodex wird mit Beschluss des Verwaltungsrates der ERG am 3. August 2018 angewendet und hat sofortige Wirkung.