At ERG, we believe that investing in training and the value of our people means investing in our future. It is the choices we make today that will influence what we become tomorrow.

Our commitment to training is a tool to plan and flesh out what we want to become and prepares us for the challenges we must face.

Every year we redefine our training offer, based on our values and focusing on our business objectives. Everyone is a key player in developing their own training plan: every year, our staff determine their own individual growth plans and choose how to develop their talent from our training catalogue.

Management training is aimed at all the Group’s people, regardless of role, professional seniority, personal background, business sector, work location, and contract hours. Everyone can choose which training paths to attend within the catalogue.

In 2020, we prioritised remote working. Since the start of the lockdown forced by the health crisis, we initiated training courses to strengthen skills in the use of remote working tools, and the virtual training rooms became the place where people continued to meet.

The classrooms were deliberately diverse in order to create and propagate a culture of working at ERG that breaks down geographic or role boundaries.

During the year, we offered 116 courses, compared to 80 last year (+45%).
Moreover, 30% of the training activities were held in English to support the Group’s international development.

In 2020, we implemented a valuable initiative called the Weekly Learning Activity. It is a series of weekly emails written in both Italian and English, addressed to all the people in the Group.

The emails provide reading material, exercises, tools, videos, and reference models to help our people independently develop the skills they need to deal with the major changes that are taking place.

Assessment of training activities 2020

98% of* participants evaluated the quality of training content as Excellent – Very Good – Good

97% of people that participated in training activities would recommend them to their colleagues

99% of* participants evaluated the quality of the teaching as Excellent, Very Good, Good

98% of* participants consider the training activities to be Useful – Very Useful – Quite Useful