Training Ambassadors

Training Ambassadors contribute to spreading "Grow your energy" throughout the Company.

They are people who give some of their time and enthusiasm to create an informal communication bridge between Human Capital and the rest of the Company. They are curious people with a keen interest in personal growth; irrespective of the role they cover in the Company and of the organisational position they occupy, they are available to everyone for devising individual growth plans, gathering feedback and suggestions to improve the training on offer.

But let's hear what they tell us...
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Our Management Library

Take out books, talk about them in the classroom, write reviews and recommend them to colleagues... a year ago we opened a library to support the personal and professional growth process. We currently share 111 texts...

Here are the thoughts of some of our colleagues:

"I had the chance to get acquainted with the library and I found it to be very useful because it allows you to examine the most complex areas of the issues studied in the courses or the areas you find most interesting more closely. Using the library is quick, practical and stimulating, and it therefore deserves our full attention." Annamaria - Back Office

"The library is a very interesting project. I always found reading "boring" until one classroom day I found myself surrounded by all these books and, almost unwittingly, picked one up. The idea of the Library and of exchange between colleagues was ingenious because as well as enabling us, first and foremost, to discover interesting books, it also allows us to engage with people that have already read them or are about to start reading them." Paolo  - Administration

"Libraries are usually used by readers to look for books whose titles and content they are almost always already familiar with. But with the ERG library it is the books that look for the reader and in my case, I was found quite easily." Renato  - Procurement

"I immediately took out various books. Some I found very interesting while others were a little ‘heavier'. In general, however, I found something in all of them that I could "translate" into my daily work, and tips for viewing and assessing problems and situations from an alternative viewpoint." Tiziana. - Management Assistant

"Personally, I took out 7 books in less than a year. 5 of these books were very important for my professional and personal growth and 3 of them enabled me to make really significant changes. They are books that aren't always available on the market - recently I looked for 2 recommended books and I only managed to find one of them on the Internet, purchasing it from Great Britain in its original language. Using the Library is very practical, convenient and simple. Thanks for coming up with the idea!" Joanna  -  Business Operation Europe




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