Energy Management - Matteo Parodi

Your job in 180 characters (if that's enough!!!)

I have been working for a couple of months in the new Terni headquarters as Head of the Short Term Analysis function. Our job is to support the other Front Office, Bidding and Trading areas, formulating electricity trading strategies. These are both physical, produced by our assets, and also financial, in the derivatives market.
It is a dynamic and high-pressure business. The markets have tight deadlines and are very volatile; contingencies and unexpected situations always lie around the corner. Enthusiasm and teamwork is the antidote to deal with any situation as well as possible and to achieve the main goal of Energy Management: the maximisation of margins!

How long have you been at ERG?

I have been working in Energy Management at ERG since September 2011. I am lucky to have experienced the entire growth process of our Power business, which for us at EM has involved the portfolio management of a significant increase of electricity (it has tripled!) sold on the exchange and produced by the group's assets.

What skills have you developed on this path?

Over the years I have had the good fortune to work transversally in many Energy Management activities. After my first experience in the Middle Office, during which among other things I learned more about the spot electricity market and the derivatives market, I had a wonderful experience at Syracuse, in Bidding. In this function bids are generated to be sent to IPEX (the Italian Power Exchange) relative to our dispatching installations. The job involves a high level of responsibility, since a single click can be worth a lot of money. It is also a great learning experience because it has acquainted me fully with the technologies of our assets and the complex mechanisms that regulate the spot market and the dispatching services market. In November 2014 I stated to work in the area where I currently work, Short Term Analysis.

And what skills will you develop?

Analysis is the common thread characterising my path at ERG. Good IT skills have helped me so much, allowing me to produce assessments and models on several fronts, quickly expanding my abilities. My current goal is to take bit by bit all that I have learned over these five years, and put the puzzle together, in other words to develop an optimisation that goes beyond details to cover an integrated portfolio. This is the challenge that I want to win over the next year, with the support of my very valuable colleagues.