Energy Management - Federico Ghirardo

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Hello, my name is Federico and I am an Electricity and Gas trader at ERG. I sell the energy produced by our plant on the futures markets, seizing the opportunities that the market offers to maximize margins. As a trader I enjoy both technical and fundamental analysis, leveraging my IT skills, besides making use of my commercial skills and a bit of a technical background as a mechanical engineer.

How long have you been at ERG?

I've been working at ERG for about seven years, and I can say that Energy Management is my second family, that has welcomed me and helped me grow over the years. I have worked a number of roles within this fantastic group and I have had the opportunity to work both at the Genoa headquarters and in welcoming Syracuse.

What skills did you develop along this path?

I was lucky enough to deal with several areas within Energy Management, that increased my skills in the world of energy. I started almost immediately in Bidding, where I increased both my technical knowledge specific to the management of the system and that relating to the electricity market, so as to actively participate in getting our plant into the Dispatching Services Market. Then, I moved to the Middle Office area, where I studied the market trends to support bidding and traders, also contributing to prepare our Annual Budget. And then I started in my current position about a year ago: Trading, where I am developing more skills concerning energy trading, supported by a good base of technical analysis.

And what skills are you planning on developing?

Based on our company's direction and on my professional life, I expect to expand my knowledge of foreign markets and of Risk Management, as well as improving my managerial and technical skills.