People Satisfaction Survey

In 2019 ERG asked all #greenenergymakers to take part in a survey which involved a series of questions on the organisational climate and in particular the issue of engagement*.

It was the first survey following our switch from the oil to the renewables business and therefore involved lots of new people who had joined ERG following the M&A operations. The results were largely in line with the international benchmark. Job Engagement is slightly above the market benchmark, underlining the passion that ERG people are known for putting into their work.

Despite the significant disruptions caused by the M&A operations, Organisational Engagement highlighted how the men and people that joined ERG following an individual selection process have values above the benchmark. These values are slightly lower in women and those who joined following acquisitions.

The survey will be repeated in 2021.


* "Employee engagement is therefore different from the earlier measure of employee satisfaction that many organisations monitor. Employees may be satisfied at work with their role, terms and conditions or working conditions, but not necessarily willing to demonstrate wholehearted commitment.
Engagement, on the other hand, is exactly about their willingness to go above and beyond their standard job description because they believe in their organization, are committed to serving their customers and proud to belong."

(From Nick Cowley, Nigel Purse "5 Conversations: How to Transform Trust, Engagement and Performance at Work",  Panoma Pr Ltd.)

Job Engagement

Job Engagement

Organization Engagement

Organization Engagement

In general, the #greenenergymakers:

• Are happy to achieve positive results

• Are professionally independent

• Find working at ERG stimulating

• Manage their daily activities on the basis of the company's goals

• Think it is stimulating being involved in what is happening

• Believe they are able to influence the People Manager to get the things they need

In terms of relations: 64% of participants say they are happy with their relationship with their People Manager and relations between colleagues are very positive: the average of the evaluations exceeds 4 on a scale of 1 to 5.

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