People Satisfaction Survey

Since 2007 we have been undergoing a significant process of change that has not only affected our business model but also our organisation, culture and values. Through the numerous acquisitions of recent years, people from different companies and countries have become part of our Group: we therefore deemed it necessary to stop and take stock of this change, directly involving  ERG People by means of the People Satisfaction Surveyconducted between October and November 2015.

The Survey

The satisfaction of the People is measured in 9 macro areas:
  • Company-Personal relations
  • Professional growth
  • Commitment to social responsibility
  • The functioning of the organisation
  • Sense of belonging
  • Working environment
  • Change
  • The working group
  • Relations with the manager

Participants by Company

Participants by Company


Some concepts and keywords are particularly significant when describing the company climate: Heritage
  • the history of ERG is a critical success factor for the people of the Group and contributes to constructing a founding and shared value (Solidity);
  • pride in belonging to ERG: a context in which people feel at home and work well.
  • ERG's ability to innovate is also recognised in terms of values (Innovation);
  • the understanding of change and its drivers is perceived in the same way right across all of the Group companies;
  • a positive, ongoing process.
  • Technical and expert but not managerial, it contributes to the work of the group
  • Gives individuals freedom and independence;
  • Does not lead to conflict or impact on people's development (Talent).
  • ERG has completely changed its core business: today it creates value in the environmental sphere and works responsibly in the areas in which it operates.

Macro-factors Values

Macro-factors Values
The following measurement scale (1:5) is used to assess the macro factors:
1 = Completely disagree
2 = Mainly disagree
3 = Agree and disagree in equal measure
4 = Partially agree
5 = Completely agree


All in all, the satisfaction level of ERG's people is medium to high for the majority of macro factors: sense of belonging, the working environment, change management and the working group are the elements with which those that responded are most satisfied. The "focus" meetings Our CHCO had the chance to illustrate these findings in detail during the meetings held to present the results organised by Internal Communications: once again participation levels were high, emphasising the level of engagement of the ERG People.