Let's talk about... Talent Management

... with Marzia Bonifacio, Head of Talent Management Gruppo ERG

Which career path brought you to ERG's Talent Management and Acquisition?

I've always been fascinated by people, by their stories and by how individuals can make a difference and contribute to build "something bigger". This is why I got my high school diploma, specializing in foreign languages, and after about a year of consulting work I attended the masters course in "Human Resources Management and Comparative Industrial Relations" organized by Marco Biagi.  I have been dealing with people and organizations for 20 years: and then in the Company.  I was the HR manager at SAIWA's factories at Locate Triulzi (Milan) and Capriata d'Orba (Alessandria), as it was part of the Danone Group and then became a part of the Coeclerici Group.

What is ERG Group's approach in terms of Talent Management?

Three years ago we bet on an approach based more on the talent of people than on a few talented people.

Basically, this means that ERG has decided to invest more on the skills of its people than on their shortcomings, contrary to what normally happens in development processes that focus more on bridging a gap rather than accentuating the strength of each individual.

In practical terms, how does one grow within ERG?

Obviously, within ERG a person can "grow vertically", acquiring increasing responsibility. In addition to this opportunity which is common to all companies, the transformation that ERG has gone through means that each of us has more or less deliberately and knowingly had to acquire new professional skills. ERG helps each of us to get involved, to continually learn and improve our skills, to find new ways to work and to re-invent ourselves professionally, at every age and in every role. At ERG, growth is fundamentally linked to new personal and professional experiences, whether they be projects or new activities. Cyclically, each one of us is invited to suggest to the Company alternative career paths through our Development portal. It is important to us that everyone is accustomed to work on multiple possibilities and to find paths that are capable of enriching experience, skills, qualifications and motivations.

How is ERG's training model structured?

Our training courses are designed to help everyone understand and better manage their personal resources and their time and to live and fully get to know their Company. Our training reaches out of the classroom and leverages multiple stimuli, ranging from reading, to films, and in-field events. Our seminars are planned to activate individual and organizational change, so they are designed and tailored to ERG's specific needs. Every year, we update our course catalogue to support and attain our corporate objectives, to foster individual and group growth and the dissemination of ERG's corporate culture. We consider our training rooms fundamental spaces for living and making the most of the diversity of the Group. We deliberately structure our training courses to provide opportunities to work with colleagues that come from a variety of teams, ages, responsibilities, frameworks, and professional backgrounds.

Let's talk about "Boost your energy"... What is it?

Three years ago, we reversed the way training was activated. It is no longer "human resources" to decide who and when someone attends a certain training activity, but rather the individual leads the process. All our people can design their own growth path and set it in motion, after discussing it with their supervisor. Management training is for everyone, not for an exclusive group. "Boost your energy" is the name we chose for our business management training. You are the protagonist, and we believe that acquiring new skills and qualifications is the best way for our people to feel that they can design their own development and support their own motivation... in short, they can determine their own value on the labour market and their own personal energy.

How is ERG special?

We are a Green company. Our work supports a sustainable economy, respects the environment and in general improves the quality of our lives. We – women and men of ERG – are passionate about our work and we strongly feel a part of our company.
Despite this, or perhaps because of it, we have learned to welcome new colleagues and work together smoothly and quickly.

ERG has re-designed itself by acquiring external assets and know-how, but has cultivated its people inside, proving with facts that, for us, PERSONS are value.