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"Il Talento non si ferma. Nuove competenze e opportunità, ripartiamo dalla Liguria" (Genova, 25 gennaio 2021)

On Monday 25 January we will be participating in the "Talent never stands still. New skills and opportunities, starting in Liguria" event organised by Talents in Motion, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia  and the University of Genoa and dedicated to graduands and recent graduates.

Following the introductions, businesses will take centre stage: Giorgio Coraggioso, Head of Human Capital & ICT at ERG, will outline ERG's view of talent.

The event will enable participants to meet the businesses involved online and present their credentials: to access the virtual room and meet Marzia Bonifacio, Head of Talent Management & Compensation, and Denise Bugna, Acquisition & Developmentfrom ERG and the other companies present it is necessary to register by filling out the form.


Find out who we are looking for and where! (last update: 25 March 2021)

Find out who we are looking for and where! (last update: 25 March 2021)

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Page updated at 25 Mar 2021