Repowering & Reblading

As regards Italy, we plan to carry out interventions on wind farms that have terminated or are soon to leave the incentive system (around 500 MW), which have technologically obsolete turbines, with a capacity of less than 1 MW.

On the strength of our industrial know-how, we are ready to renew iour wind power fleet with the dual result of significantly increasing installed capacity and expanding the horizon of the plants' useful life.

During the Plan period Repowering will initially concern 6 wind farms, whose installed capacity will increase by 260 MW, from their initial 150 MW, with an approximately 4-fold growth in output, at the same time halving the number of turbines and without actually increasing the land occupied.

First mover to a sizeable repowering in Italy

First mover to a sizeable repowering in Italy

ERG Implications

  • >300MW of ERG wind farms end incentives from 2017-2022, all equipped with old WTGs
  • Best wind conditions
  • Repowering: new wind farms, in the same sites, with lower number of WTGs, higher production
  • Reblading: same wind farms, same sites, same number of WTGs, new blades, higher production
  • Targeting 30 years useful life extension
Repowering with new technologies creates value through asset rejuvenation

Time ready for repowering & reblading regulatory framework looks favourable

Italian NEP approved on November 10, 2017:
  • increasing renewable penetration
  • Energy decarbonization by 2025
  • favoring Repowering & Reblading interventions
  • facilitating and shortening of authorization processes
  • favoring long term PPAs for the sale of electricity with a possible introduction of a public guarantee

GSE Procedure for repowering and reblading
  • Repowering and Reblading also on incentivized plants
  • allowing to keep unchanged remaining incentives
Technological Evolution & Regulation create the premises for repowering
The other type of investment used by ERG in order to increase the productive capacity of its Italian assets is "Re-blading", which will involve facilities totalling around 64 MW.
With this intervention there is no change to the capacity of the machinery, but output can be increased by up to 16%.

The total investment anticipated for Repowering and Re-blading interventions amounts to 418 million Euro, of which 402 million Euro for Repowering and the remaining 16 million Euro for Re-blading.