Pietro Tittoni

Born in Rieti, on February 4th 1957. Married, one daughter.

A graduate in mechanical engineering, he began his professional career working on the CNR "Energetica 2" project for the development of laser Doppler anemometry systems at Università degli Studi de L'Aquila.

He joined ENEL in 1985 and gained a qualification to manage Nuclear Reactors from Milan Polytechnic.
He then moved to Toronto where he was involved in the running of the Bruce-Ontario Hydro nuclear power station (8000 MW) at the Canadian Atomic Agency.
Between 1989 and 2000 he worked in ENEL's thermoelectric division with roles of increasing responsibility in the Production and Transmission Division in Rome and later at the thermoelectric plant of Fiume Santo 1000 MW (Sassari).
Following the deregulation of the electricity market in Italy, from 2001 he was appointed to the following positions:

  • Head of Energy Management at ENDESA Italia for the management of a generation fleet of 6500 MW;
  • Director of Endesa Italia Power & Fuel srl;
  • Member of the Board of ERGON Energia srl;
  • Head of Energy Management, EOn Produzione Spa.

In 2008 he spent time in Ireland as Generation Executive Manager for the start-up Endesa Ireland Ltd.
In 2009 he moved to ERG Power & Gas in Genoa where he held the role of General Manager of ISAB ENERGY Srl and in 2011 he was appointed Head of the Power & Gas Business Unit at ERG Spa.
Currently he is Chief Operating Officer.
Within the same ERG Group he holds the role of Chief Executive Officer of ERG Power Generation Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERG Power.