Introducing ourselves

Our strength comes from nature: thanks to the energy of wind, water, sun and natural gas. We are the first wind power operator in Italy and in the top ten in Europe. We can rely on a combination of sustainable energy sources that we manage with a business approach and with 80 years of history behind us.
We are a producer of electricity generated by clean, renewable and sustainable sources.

In tune with the changing world, anticipating the trends that are changing the global energy scenario. In recent years we have completed a radical transformation of our business, transitioning from being a major privately-owned Italian oil company to being a leading independent operator in the market for electricity from renewable sources.

Our change was made possible by our strong industrial and managerial culture, which we have developed over our past 80 years.
Our electricity comes from well-balanced and diversified sustainable sources:
  • Wind: we have achieved a leading position in Italy and are in the top tier in Europe.
  • Water: we are among the major hydroelectric operators in Italy.
  • Sun: we are one of the five leading photovoltaic operators in Italy, operating in nine different regions from the north to the south of Italy.
  • Natural Gas: we generate electricity using a high-tech, high-efficiency and low-environmental impact facility that meets stringent environmental criteria.

"From being a major privately-owned Italian oil company to being a leading independent operator in the market for electricity from renewable sources"

Our European Expansion
Supported by our strong leadership in the wind power sector in Italy, we followed the force of the wind to go beyond our borders: today we are a European-wide operator, active in seven countries and we want to continue to grow in the most promising areas in the renewable energy sector.

We are among the top ten operators in France by installed capacity, and we are continuously growing in the European countries with the greatest potential for the development of renewable energy such as Germany, the first European wind market and the third in the world, where we have recently doubled our presence.

Our Production
In 2018 we produced 7,485 GWh of electricity enough to satisfy the clean energy demand of 2.9 million households.

We chose to join the strength of wind and water and to concretely contribute to win the new global environmental challenges: by producing from renewable sources we have avoided 3,029 kt of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, the pollution generated by 780 thousand roundtrip flights Rome/New York.
Our mission
We want to continue to be an operator in the electricity market to seize business opportunities, in a sustainable manner, creating shared value.

Experience, dynamism, sustainable development. We cultivate those values every day to achieve our objectives, thanks to our industrial scale, thanks to our continual and close contact with the community, thanks to our commitment to the development of our people and thanks to our constant attention to environmental issues.

The ethical principles which ERG abides by in carrying out its activities are all contained and defined in our Code of Ethics.

Where we stand today
We are a group with eighty years of history that began its journey in oil refining at the San Quirico facility, near Genoa.
Today we produce electricity in seven countries, we are a leader in wind power and are growing in the renewables sector, in line with the new global energy scenarios.

We have a total installed capacity of more than 2,700 MW. In 2016, our wind farms – located mainly in central and southern Italy and in six other European countries – generated 3,501 GWh of electricity. Our hydro plants of the Terni Complex located between Umbria, Lazio and Marche have generated 1,358 GWh of electricity. In Sicily, at Priolo Gargallo, we have generated 2,693 GWh of energy with a high-efficiency and low-emissions cogeneration plant that earns us energy efficiency certificates.

In January 2018, thanks to an important acquisition, we have made our entry into the solar business and today we are operating in eight different regions from the north to the south of Italy (Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo, Campania, Apulia, Calabria and Sicily).
Page updated at 4 Apr 2019