ERG. Always one step ahead

ERG. Always one step ahead
80 years of ERG, 80 years of energy. A long business story whose underlying theme has been, and will continue to be, energy. Not just the energy we produce but above all the energy of all the people that down the years have helped us achieve our many remarkable results.

This book aims to present our history – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – through a mix of words and images, and is the perfect follow-up to the book produced to mark our 70th anniversary, From Oil to Energy. ERG 1938-2008.

For the historic images in the book we dipped into our precious photo archive while for those relating to more recent times we called on a top international photographer whose evocative snaps of our plants offer a glimpse of our day-to-day activities and our relationship with Nature. Indeed, the power and beauty of Nature are our greatest resources.

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Doge's Palace in Genoa goes green.

Doge's Palace in Genoa goes green.
On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October a public exhibition transformed the Doge's Palace into the Palace of Energy, on the occasion of ERG's 80th anniversary.

Visitors had the chance to take part in activities and edutainment workshops for both young and old.

In The Power of Change space, Oculus Rift goggles allowed visitors to take a 3D virtual trip through ERG's power plants. They also saw the wonders of the Marmore Falls, connected to one of its hydroelectric plants, and the picturesque countryside of Puglia and Sicily where some of the Group's wind and photovoltaic plants are located.

The ERG for Young area, created with the contribution of the Edoardo Garrone Foundation, Festival della Scienza and Flying Angels, presented workshops and contents developed for our younger visitors.

Finally, the Evolving Energies was held at the Munizioniere. This immersive and multimedia experience took visitors on an evocative journey through time retracing the history of Italy and ERG over the past 80 years from 1938 to 2018.

Exhibitions, activities and workshops were opened on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October from 10 am to 7 pm with free admission.
ERG celebrates 80 years of energy history
The Garrone and Mondini families, through their holding company, propose and finance the gratuitous assignment to each employee of 80 ERG shares 

Press release - 20 October 2018
ERG: 80 years of energy
Press release - 16 October 2018
ERG has been a successful energy sector operator for 80 years. We have chosen to look to the future and reposition ourselves by setting out on an evolutionary path from Oil sector to Green Energy. Today we are the leader in Italy and one of the leaders in Europe in the production of electricity from wind sources and also have a major presence in hydroelectric, photovoltaic and thermoelectric power with low environmental impact.

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