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"(...) In March 2018 the Group presented its new business plan: a 5-year project that involves important developments in the renewable energy production sector, enabling us to further reduce the carbon intensity of our energy production, an index we have already managed to reduce by 89% in the last ten years.
With the aim of implementing this plan as successfully as possible, we have defined a new leadership model which reviews managerial competences and strengthens the values we hold dear and which form the basis of our relations with our stakeholders. It is our people and our values that have enabled us to meet important challenges in the past and which will guide us towards our ambitious future objectives..."

(From Letter to Stakeholders, 2017 ERG Sustainability Report)

In 2015 the UN defined a series of international development goals, called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to replace the Millennium Development Goals outlined in the 2000 UN declaration.

At ERG we have contextualised the SDGs in our Sustainability Commitments for the 2016-2018 three-year period. Read our Sustainability news "Sustainability Committee: Sustainability strategies and activities for the near future"


Our Sustainability Commitments

Our Sustainability Commitments
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    Our commitments - Economic Area - Status as at 31.12.2017
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    Economic Area - Our commitments - Status as at 31.12.2017
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    Our Commitments - Social Area - Status as at 31.12.2017

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 goals will guide the development of the planet for the next 15 years with the aim of "transforming the world", eradicating all forms of poverty, combating inequality, addressing the issue of climate change and ensuring prosperity for everyone.

These goals do not only regard states and institutions: we can all contribute through our daily actions!

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