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Sustainability - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does "Sustainability" mean to the ERG Group?
    The concept of sustainability in the ERG Group is explained in the Letter to Stakeholders from the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer "ERG has gone one step further and has preferred a vision that is able to transform the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes – which focus mainly on reputation and only have a limited connection to the business – into CSV (Corporate Social Value) programmes, which are more useful to the creation of economic value, together with the creation of social value and more oriented towards interpreting the needs of stakeholders."
  • Where can I find the Sustainability Reports of the ERG Group?
    The Sustainability Reports of the ERG Group can be downloaded in PDF format in the section Sustainability Report; starting from the 2009 Report, you can navigate an interactive version of the report.
  • Where can I find all the documentation relating to the Sustainability of the ERG Group?
    All the documentation relating to the Sustainability of the ERG Group is available in the Sustainability Kit.
  • What is ERG's objective in terms of Sustainability reporting?
    In terms of Sustainability reporting, ERG's objective is to enhance the information provided in the Report each year, in order to improve the level of communication with its stakeholders and adopt the Guidelines of the GRI in an increasingly rigorous and complete manner.
  • What's GRI?
    GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is a network of experts that contributes to develop the world's most widely-used sustainability reporting guidelines.
    Read more on the GRI website
  • Does ERG participate in the Sustainability Indexes?
    Yes, ERG started participating in the Benchmark and Leaders indexes of the new FTSE ECPI Italia index series in September 2010. The Sustainability Indexes include the mid- and large-cap companies of the FTSE Italia All-Share index which stand out because of their sustainable behaviour and practices.