Sustainability Commitments

The year 2015 ends the three-year period, covered by the latest Business Plan presented, which included some sustainability objectives. 
Year after year, in our Sustainability Reports we have reported the evolution of our business towards the achievement of the objectives we had set and now, after three years, we can see that they have all been achieved.

Our new 2015-2018 Business Plan, will include new projects and new objectives: in 2016, the Group's Sustainability Committee will defi ne commitments for the next three years, thus aligning strategy and sustainability.

14 May 2014
Codice Etico del Gruppo ERG
Approvato dal Consiglio di Amministrazione in data 14 maggio 2014
14 May 2014
ERG Group - Code of Ethics
approved by the Board of Directors of ERG SpA on May 14th (English version)
14 May 2014
Code d' Ethique du groupe ERG
adopté par le Conseil d'Administration le 14 mai 2014
(Version française)
11 Oct 2016
ERG-Gruppe Ethik-Kodex
Die vorliegende Version des Ethik-Kodex wird mit Beschluss des Verwaltungsrates der ERG Spa am 14 Mai 2014 angewendet und hat sofortige Wirkung.