The dialogue

We have grown over the years, pursuing our mission as an independent power producer and expanding throughout Europe. We currently operate in seven different countries in Europe and in fourteen regions in Italy, with a portfolio of activities ranging from the development and creation of new farms (so-called greenfield) to the management and optimization of existing plants, including sale of the energy produced, up to their complete repowering.

In Italy, we are renowned and appreciated for our repositioning from the oil sector to renewables. In other countries, such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom, we are in a phase of growth and consolidation; great attention is required when developing relationships with stakeholders, especially institutional stakeholders and the media.

The methods and types of relationships with stakeholders vary depending on the length and strength of the relationship in the various countries and on the development goals of our Business Plan.

Although following different relational strategies, our methodological approach and our way of doing business remain firm, based on improving our relations with the local areas in which we operate and with the authorities, customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and all our stakeholders.

Lawfulness, honesty, fairness, equality, confidentiality, equity, integrity, transparency, responsibility and sustainability are the principles that inspire us and guide us towards the implementation of CSR initiatives.
  • ERG and Institutional Stakeholders
    The industrial sector where we operate is regulated by an ever-evolving system of European and national regulations. The relations held with institutional stakeholders allow the participation and contribution to this process.

    In this dynamic context, constant dialogue with Business Associations (for example, Confindustria, Elettricità Futura, ANEV, AIGET, WindEurope, foreign associations of the wind energy sector) and with the main players of the sector, allows us to plan and strengthen our position as an industrial operator of renewable energies, while at the same time to support decarbonisation policies of key importance to our business. We took part in many workshops in 2018 by making our industrial skills and sector knowhow available.

    The most important dealt with the following issues:
    - the Clean Energy Package, issued by the European Commission, including approval of the new Directive on renewable sources and setting of a target of 32% of gross energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030; 
    - the Emission Trading Scheme reform, which strengthened the value of CO2 emission quotas, one of the most important tools in the European strategy for combating climate change;
    - initiatives regarding the review of the National Energy Strategy, the reform of the Energy Market and the implementation of the Capacity Market;
    - systems to encourage the development of renewable sources and, in particular, the repowering of existing plants

    The active participation in processes aimed at defining decarbonisation policies in the country of interest allows us to continually increase our reputation. In order to guarantee utmost linear management of the relations held with institutional stakeholders, we adopted an internal control system based on procedures integrated into the Organisational Model (formerly Italian Legislative Decree 231/01 as amended) and a specific disciplinary sanctions system.

    We also adopted a special Policy, under which no direct or indirect contributions are paid, in any form, to political parties, movements, committees, political organisations or trade unions, to their representatives or candidates.
  • ERG and International Relations
    In order to strengthen our presence internationally, we continually monitor the main European institutions in Brussels, in particular on energy and on the environment, also with the support of sector associations (Wind Europe). At the same time, the follow-up of political, regulatory and legislative change in the Member States where we are present (France, Germany, UK, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria) is strictly monitored both through the participation in national business associations and through direct dialogue with the national institutions.

    The 2018-2022 Business Plan particularly focuses on the French, German and UK markets, where we will expand more significantly over the next few years. For this reason, we have set up a targeted stakeholder engagement programme for each of these countries, in order to improve and increase our profile and our identification as a reliable and trustworthy green operator, actively involved in energy transition. This allows us to establish partnerships and significant relationships with other operators, the media and institutional stakeholders, in support of the Group's corporate development.
  • ERG and the Financial Community
    Our Company is constantly committed to reporting in a timely and transparent manner to the Financial Community all the information that can help to assess investment opportunities in our shares. Constant and prompt updating on the status of our business commitments helps maintain the trust of the markets; furthermore, clear communication of our development strategies is essential to sustain the value of a Company that is making important investments in renewable energy in Italy and Europe.

    2018 was a crucial year for us, for two reasons. The first is that we celebrated 80 years of investments in the generation of energy and sustainable growth, starting as oil operators and evolving into a leading industrial company in the production of electricity from renewable sources. The other key event of 2018 was the presentation of the 2018-2022 Business Plan to the financial community.

    The Plan was presented a year early not only because the objectives of the previous one had already been achieved, but also to adapt our goals in the light of the recent and significant changes in the competitive and regulatory context. Stretching over five years (from 2018 to 2022), the Plan focuses on growth abroad and on the technological renovation of our wind fleet in Italy. This envisages an increase in installed capacity of around 850 MW through three different channels: organic development and co-development agreements in Europe, new acquisitions in target countries and a Repowering & Reblading plan for part of our wind farms in Italy.

    Industrial excellence, asset flexibility and strong Energy Management skills are the aspects we will focus on to achieve these goals. Financial communication tools ERG deals with communication with the Financial Community by setting up one-toone meetings and specific roadshows, both in Italy and abroad. After the presentation of the Business Plan, the Group's Top Management was involved in important roadshow activities, aimed at illustrating the Business Plan and the new targets to institutional investors.

    The roadshow activities of 2018 touched leading European financial cities (Milan, London, Paris, Geneva and Oslo) and involved 115 investors, 10 of which were ethics oriented, that is, they base their investment choices on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria: the attention towards ERG by investors interested in CSR is indeed constantly increasing.

    As proof of this, on 2 July 2018 we participated in the Sustainability Day organised by Borsa Italiana: during the event, management explained in detail the Group's transformation process and its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitments. This is a key appointment for investors, because they have the opportunity to get to know the Company not only in terms of strategy and financial targets, but also of increasingly relevant CSR issues.

    Financial analysts kept in close contact with the Investor Relations department also through frequent teleconferences, allowing them to better implement the transformation of our business in relation to the evolving international context in their evaluation models.

    IR activities are available not only to the financial analysts and investment funds, but also to retail investors that at can access the same documentation provided to the analysts and follow online the teleconferences and the presentation of the financial results. The IR team may also be directly contacted for any clarifications by using the contact details indicated on the website and in all financial press releases. Lastly, we can also be contacted through the most popular social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • ERG and the Community
    Our activities in the local area aim at increasing the value of the local area and promoting the development of local communities.

    All of our investments are assessed for the positive results they can achieve over time and they are developed by involving local communities: from the design phase to the construction work, for which we prefer to select local contractors. This is the approach we used for the fifth edition of "Vai col vento!" (Go with the Wind!), an environmental education project that involved students from the third year of middle school (stakeholders playing a double role as "future generation" and "local communities") from the areas where our wind farms are present.

    This successful format led to the creation in 2017 of a similar project "A tutta acqua!" (Water at full speed!) for secondary schools in the areas where our hydroelectric plants are located. Furthermore, again with a view to generating value for the area, we launched the "ERG Re-Generation Challenge", a call for ideas in cooperation with local institutions and the Universities of Perugia and Macerata. The competition aimed at finding projects to be implemented in the area, related to renewable energy and energy innovation.

    Lastly, in Sicily, where our natural gas thermoelectric plant is located, we developed the "Progetto Scuola" (School Project), a set of training activities on the respect of the environment, on road safety and sports initiatives. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the ERG Group, we demonstrated our commitment to supporting social initiatives in Genoa for both the local communities affected by the collapse of the Morandi bridge and for the Gaslini Hospital.
  • ERG and the Media
    The Media Relations office promotes the correct representation of the Group's position and its strategic guidelines, providing full and timely information at national, international and local level, both through traditional and social media. News, press releases, events, reports, photo galleries, conversations and posts on social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube): this is how we tell the story of ERG using different languages that meet the information needs of our main stakeholders and of a broader and more diversified audience.

    The frequency of our communications and the different media we use, strictly in compliance with existing legislation for listed companies, has enabled us to increase – gradually but constantly – the visibility of our activities, our way of doing business and our values.

    Furthermore, news about our Group, the operating and financial results achieved, press releases, press kits, photos and institutional videos are easily available in the Media area of our company website. A "social media room" connected to our social accounts (ERGnow and ERGcareers on Twitter, ERG S.p.A. on LinkedIn, ERGnow on Youtube) is also available.

Main Italian Associations which ERG is a member of

Main Italian Associations which ERG is a member of

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Main Foreign Associations which ERG is a member of