The dialogue

Over the years we have modulated our policies of engagement and communication to stakeholders to better respond to their needs and to the change of our business.
The strong growth in the wind power industry has led us to become the leading operator in Italy and one of the first in Europe and the acquisition of the Terni hydroelectric Complex, in late 2015, has made ERG a leading renewable energy player in the heavily regulated power market.

Institutional relations have thus taken on an increasing importance for the company. 

ERG's change of business has brought more attention and more intense dialogue with the financial community and with the media. Compliance with the GRI-G4 standards, on the basis of which the Sustainability Report is drawn up, also requires a significant commitment in terms of "meeting" and "discussion" to integrate stakeholder expectations into the content of the Report.
  • ERG and Institutional Stakeholders
    The electricity sector where we operate isstrongly influenced by European and national legislative provisions and regulations.
    Therefore, we constantly monitor provisions being approved or drafted. This requires a constant and transparent dialogue with Institutions, with Business Associations and with other operators.

    The advocacy activities are carried out by ERG "first hand", cooperating with the main players of this sector or through associations, such as Confindustria, Assoelettrica, ANEV, AssoRinnovabili, AIGET, WindEurope, foreign associations of the wind energy sector, etc.). More specifically, our presence within the Governance Bodies, relevant commissions and technical working groups allows us to take an active part in the work of the associations and to suitably represent the Group's interests. In this framework, our position as a green business, urges us to give
    priority to the development of renewable energy sources and of decarbonisation policies.

    Over recent years, we have been involved in several working groups: the reform of the Energy Market, the consultations to implement the Capacity Market, the incentive schemes for renewable sources, the proposals on the Emission Trading reform, and the debate on the Clean Energy Package, which was presented  to the European Commission in late November. These are issues on which the discussions with the institutions, but also within associations and among the various players, have been very complex.


    These discussion opportunities helped us establish an "active" cooperation with the various stakeholders, institutions in particular, based on sharing know-how and specific expertise, enhancing the Group's reputational capital, which stems from the values of technical knowhow, transparency, ethics and independence. In order to guarantee the utmost transparency in the management of reports, we adopted an internal control system based on procedures integrated into the Organisational Model (formerly Legislative Decree 231/01 as amended) and a specific disciplinary sanctions system.

    We also adopted a special policy, under which no direct or indirect contributions are paid, in any form, to political parties, movements, committees, political organisations or trade unions, nor to their representatives or candidates (with the exception of cases set by specific regulations).
  • ERG and International Relations
    The presence of the European Institutions makes Brussels a privileged observatory of changes in legislation, in particular on energy and on the environment. We are aware of this, so we constantly participate in the main European institutional and association working groups.

    The follow-up of regulatory and legislative change in the Member States where we are present (France, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and the UK) is ensured by our presence at business associations and through direct contacts with the national institutions.
  • ERG and the Financial Community
    ERG has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1997 and our relations with analysts and investors at all levels are very important. We are committed to report all the information that can help to assess investment opportunities in our shares, in a transparent and timely manner, in full compliance with the applicable provisions on the dissemination of price sensitive information.

    The clarity of communication on development strategies and the information updates on the status of our business commitments help maintain the trust confidence of the markets and are essential elements that support the valuation of ERG.

    After entering the hydroelectric energy sector, our Group has become the leading electricity producer from renewable sources: thanks to this new position, our shares were reclassified on the Stock Exchange, switching from the Oil & Gas sector to the Utilities sector.

    Our new business plan and financial communication tools

    The presentation of our latest business plan 2015-2018 boosted interest in our Group's activity. The market appreciated the strategic guidelines contained in our plan and that led to an increase in our meetings with analysts and investors, during 2016 the Investor Relations department and the top management held an important roadshow in all major financial centres in Europe and America, where they met various investors, of whom many managed
    ethical funds.

    In addition to these one-toone meetings, we reached investors in other markets via many conference calls. Investor Relations' communication is addressed
    not only to large financial players but also to small investors. All (actual or potential) private investors wishing to invest in the ERG Group can easily find all the needed information materials on our website.

    Website visitors can watch live webcasts and conference calls to present financial reports, and download their full script and slides: these are all public events, so as to reach all stakeholders.
  • ERG and the Community
    Our activities in the areas where we work are based on clear principles aimed at supporting the development of local communities, with constant involvement and a transparent, open cooperation.

    When starting a new investment project, we always try to adapt it to the relevant area. We strive to involve local communities as much as possible: from the design phase to the construction work, for which we prefer to select local contractors. Our goal is to add value to the area, supporting its development.

    All our initiatives include an assessment on the basis of the values they express and the positive results they can achieve over time. This activity is carried out by a "CSR Initiative Assessment Committee", which includes operational staff, the Communication Department and the Corporate Social Responsibility Department.

    This is the approach we used to the third edition of "Vai col Vento!", an environmental education project that involved students from the third
    year of middle school (stakeholders playing a double role as "future generation" and "local communities") from the areas where our wind farms are present.

    These initiatives engaged the students in multi-topic meetings (energy production from renewable sources, focusing in particular on wind energy, energy saving, the protection of resources and reduction of the impact on the ecosystem) and in an on-site visit to the nearest wind farm.

    This successful format led to the creation, in 2017, of a similar training course for secondary schools in the areas where our hydroelectric plants are located.
    The "A tutta acqua!" project will include both theory and practice, with an on-site visit.
    Also in the areas where our hydroelectric plants are located, in 2016 we launched the "ERG Re-Generation Challenge", to promote activities aiming at generating value for the area.

    A "call for ideas" for projects to be implemented in the area, specifically related to renewable energy and innovation in the field of energy production, in cooperation with local institutions and the Universities of Perugia and Macerata.

    In Sicily, where our natural gas thermoelectric plant is located, we are implementing the "Progetto Scuola", a set of initiatives for students of all ages, with high social value (training on the respect of the environment, on road safety and sports initiatives); in addition, thanks to the activities carried out at the "Riccardo Garrone" ERG Sport Centre, we involved many students in special projects for the dissemination of sport values among young people.
  • ERG and the Media
    The "media" are very important stakeholders, as they spread all the news about our sector and the information and important events of the life of our company such as periodic financial results, our business plan and extraordinary operations.

    They must be able to meet the information needs of both an audience of specialists, and of a broader and more diversified audience, which increasingly demands guarantees on the quality and truthfulness of information and facts that are published.

    This category of stakeholders includes journalists, traditional and on-line local, national and international publications, press agencies, and private and public radio and TV broadcasters.

    They enable us to report our position on the market clearly and effectively, as a leading player in the green revolution.

The ERGLAB experience

The ERGLAB experience
ERGLab is the think tank ERG created to study in depth the energy and environmental challenges which Europe and Italy will have to face in the near future. It is a "workshop" open to "select" representatives of the various stakeholders in the energy world, where it is possible to exchange different points of view, seeking to imagine and agree upon the sector's potential development paths and evolution.
The ERGLab format is characterized by:
  • FOCUS - specific issues of energy and environmental policy, approached concisely and concretely
  • DEBATE - one or more main discussants present their view and initiate the debate
  • INVOLVEMENT - all parties freely express their views
  • CONFIDENTIALITY - the meetings take place under the Chatham House Rule, which states that the identities of the individuals cannot be revealed outside
  • DELIVERABLES - while respecting confi dentiality, the content and the positions expressed are summarised in a policy document and/or a fi nal working paper
  • NETWORKING - participants have the opportunity to continue to discuss the issue in greater depth through a special "mail group".
In 2016, ERGLab started its third year of activity with the same well-tested format as the previous editions. We organised four events during the year, focusing on current issues of the energy sector: from the market liberalisation for end users, to the new market perspective offered by digitisation, the long-term contracts to favour the development of renewable sources, their role in the implementation of the COP21 Agreement.

This initiative helped to consolidate further the relationship of mutual trust with the most influential players of our sector's institutions and the business world.
It is also thanks to this initiative, that over the years ERG has reached a leading position and has strengthened its green position with institutions, players and other stakeholders of the power sector.

Associations in which ERG has a presence in the governance bodies and/or technical groups

Associations in which ERG has a presence in the governance bodies and/or technical groups

Le principali Associazioni estere in cui siamo presenti

Le principali Associazioni estere in cui siamo presenti