Our staff's awareness and active participation in day-to-day management is a necessary condition for implementation of our hse Policy. That condition can be achieved by constantly informing, training and involving people by incentivising those who effectively reduce environmental impacts, risks for workers' health and safety or those who promote ideas for further improvement.

In this context, the "Safety contests" that our Group has organized in various sectors within the company have been quite successful. These were addressed to both internal staff and third-party Companies working at operating sites.

The main aim is for employers and workers (both internal and external) to cooperate, sharing common goals:
  • preventing accidents at work;
  • avoiding contracting occupational diseases;
  • identifying the real issues;
  • sharing the best operational solutions;
  • finding optimal solutions in security management in the plants.

Over the year, we have adopted a set of activities to "continually improve" our performance in terms of environment andsafety:
• the "Safety First" project in ERG Renew Operations & Maintenance;
• the "Safety contest";
• the assessment of ERG Power's contractors' safety performance.

Safety First 2016

Once again this year, we have organised a competition with prizes for all ERG Renew O&M people with the aim of raising everyone's awareness about issues related to health and safety at work.


The "Safety First" Project

Having concluded the start-up phase of the new ERG Renew Operations & Maintenance  company, in May 2014 we launched the project called "Safety First", to increase the culture of safety within ERG Renew.

The initiative focussed on all the issues relating to the protection of workers' health and safety, protection of the environment and attention to quality, thus proving to be a transversal project on Quality, Environment and Safety that involves the whole Company.

The guiding principle lies in its ultimate goal, that is to say the insight on the "culture of safety" within the Company. A bottom-up approach that we prefer over the more traditional top-down one. Up until now, the project has been implemented by identifying the main streams, actions, owners, time-frames and careful monitoring.

The Safety Contest for ERG Renew O&M employees 

ERG Renew Operations & Maintenance decided to organize its first "Safety Contest". The competition is open to all its staff and complements the measures it has already taken to raise its personnel's awareness on the protection of occupational health and safety, which requires everyone's contribution.

The initiative's internal Organizing Committee will award 3 individual prizes for each of the following categories:

  • Creativity: employees were asked to create a poster (slogan + image) aimed at encouraging people to think about occupational health and safety. The best three posters for creativity and message effectiveness have been posted in all the operational centres.
  • Reporting: designed to reward employees who have submitted the largest number of safety reports judged to be valid.
  • Improvement: it awarded the best three suggestions concerning procedures or systems.

Many of the reports and suggestions received turned into actions or new operational practices.

For the Siracusa employees

A similar initiative was organized for the staff that works in the province of Siracusa. Employees were divided by department and a Commission was formed including the department managers of ERG Power Generation and ERG Power.

Prizes were awarded according to the scores of the various groups during 2015.

The following criteria were taken into consideration:

  • undesirable environmental events that took place during the validity period of the contest;
  • accidents and/or injuries due to human error;
  • accidents and potential accidents not due to human error (a positive score was assigned for each report);
  • suggestions to improve both safety and the environment: briefs on possible improvements concerning either procedures or plants, also for nonindustrialised areas, to be accompanied by all necessary details and information, pictures, technical information, best practice and the like;
  • laudable actions that highlighted a particular interest in the issues of the Contest and that set an example for the company's staff;
  • attendance of the groups in HSE training, meaning the attendance of the various groups in the quarterly training sessions, including fire-fighting training.

Quarterly, annual and participation prizes were given, on the basis of a random drawing among all the groups' employees.
The probability of an employee winning was determined by the number of reports he/she had presented, as well as to the score obtained for each report.

For ERG Power's outside firms and contractors

The contest is a way to encourage staff of contractors at the Priolo Gargallo facility to work applying prevention criteria, so as to prevent occupational accidents and hazardous conditions in general.

An organizing committee – formed by staff from ERG Power Generation – was tasked with managing the contest, checking that the data was properly processed to define its results, and awarding the prizes on the basis of the best performance of the participating firms, taking into account the following five criteria:

  • results of the Health, Safety and Environment tests in the field, based on the total percentage of non-compliances and in proportion to the number of hours worked and the company's specialisation;
  • injuries that have caused an absence of more than one day, based on the "frequency index" of injuries that occurred at ERG Power's facility;
  • working days lost due to injury, based on the "accident severity index" of injuries that occurred at ERG Power's facility;
  • safety tips and near accident reports, according to the number of tips or reports compared to the hours worked at ERG Power's facility;
  • complaints received, each of which reduced the overall points total.

Annual prizes will be awarded on the basis of the scores achieved by the contractors during the year, and individual prizes will be awarded to the contractors' staff for the best reports, regardless of their connection with the companies that have received awards.

Safety Walks and in-field HSE Audit HSE

Safety Walks and in-field HSE Audit HSE

During the year, the HSE Organisational Units of the ERG Group carried out many in-field checks to monitor the compliance of contractors with Health, Workplace Safety and Environment principles and regulations.

In addition, the standards set by the OHSAS system help monitor workplaces and processes.


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