The new Leadership in Safety project has been launched: on Wednesday 10 July 2019 the Genoa office hosted the first in a series of workshops on the topic of safety, aimed at promoting and consolidating the Group's culture of safety and highlighting it as essential element of our sustainable growth strategy.

The project aims to promote the adoption of leadership models that promote safe conduct. The first phase will involve operational areas before being rolled out across the company.
"Safety has to become part of our state of being, something that goes beyond our approach to work" emphasised Luca Bettonte during the event.

Our new business model has led to radical changes in all of our company processes, including safety: the risks to be assessed and managed may have changed, but they still require a high level of attention and, most importantly, the proactive engagement of all of us.

The new and challenging targets of the Plan also demand that we evolve our way of interpreting the topic of safety, one of ERG's top priorities: Evolving Energies... Evolving Safety!
Page updated at 29 Jul 2019