Wind power renewal Charter

Relaunching the country's wind assets was one of the priority actions of the new National Energy Strategy (SEN 2017) and was considered essential to achieve the 2030 target of electricity production from renewable sources.

The "Charter for Sustainable Wind Power Renewal" was created in 2015 by the main wind energy operators (including E2i, Enel Green Power, Falck Renewables, IVPC), by the representatives of environmentalist associations (Legambiente) and institutions (ANCI). It was drawn up to respond to the country's need to
relaunch the wind sector in Italy.

The Charter lays down the rules and application criteria, standards, procedures and best practices to make the renewal projects for existing Italian wind farms more sustainable,
in compliance with natural and social eco-systems, thus guaranteeing a greater "green" production capacity with lower environmental impact and enhancing the areas and municipalities where wind farms are located. Many of these areas boast a great vocation for tourism, culture and agriculture.

In operational terms, implementing the "Charter" means defining a regulatory framework to:
• simplify the procedures for the authorisation of "renewal" interventions in the sites where the wind power vocation is higher, in line with the landscape protection criteria;
• integrate the projects with the initiatives to expand the electrical networks;
• increase the production of "green kilowatt hours" in a satisfactory and sustainable way, for both the operators and the community.