ERGLab is ERG's think tank, designed with the aim of investigating issues related to the energy and environmental challenges of Europe and Italy.

ERGLab is a think tank created with the aim of providing a space for discussion between the various players involved in Italy's national energy, politics and economics to imagine and share possible evolutionary paths and scenarios. In its meetings, ERGLab aims to explore issues related to the energy and environmental challenges Europe and Italy must address. Many points of view together, for open dialogue that is never taken for granted.

In 2020 it reached its 7th edition: more than 20 meetings, over 200 participants including institutions, regulators, energy market operators, environmental associations and opinion leaders in the sector
This is a "workshop" open to "select" representatives of the various stakeholders in the energy world, where it is possible to discuss different points of view, trying to imagine and share the possible paths and evolutionary scenarios in the sector.

The ERGLab format is characterised by:
  • FOCUS: specific energy and environmental policy themes, approached concisely and concretely;
  • COMPARISON: one or more main discussants presents their views and starts the debat;
  • INVOLVEMENT: all interlocutors freely express their point of view;
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: the meetings are carried out in compliance with the Chatham House Rule, according to which the positions expressed by individuals cannot be reported externally;
  • DELIVERABLE: the contents and positions that emerge are summarised in a final policy document and/or working paper, while respecting confidentiality;
  • NETWORKING: meeting participants have the opportunity to continue and further discussions through a dedicated "mailing group".