Our Stakeholders

We listen to the needs and expectations of all of our stakeholders and launch engagement activities aimed at providing a shared contribution to the sustainable development of our company.

Our sustainable development model integrates our business activities, conducted in an ethical and transparent way, with the protection of the environment, health and safety and respect for the individual, establishing trusting relationships with our stakeholders.

This dialogue is underscored by important principles such as lawfulness, honesty, fairness, equality, integrity, transparency and responsibility. These same values are represented in our Code of Ethics and guide us in our relations with various stakeholders, working together to develop numerous initiatives to enhance our business and the communities around us.

Our strategic activities enable us to develop a deep and interconnected network of relations with important stakeholders.

Our Stakeholders: expectations and terms of engagement

Stakeholder expectations Terms of engagement 2019 engagement activities

European Union, Governments,
Ministries, Regulatory bodies,
Public Administration, Business
Collaboration, technical support and sharing of information.
Participation in the territorial planning of activities.
Respect for the legislation in all countries in which the Group operates.
Dedicated meetings, round tables and conferences.

- Active participation in:
- Wind Europe – Hamburg
- Salon des maires – Paris
- Colloque National Eolien – Paris
- Forum Energie France-Italie – Paris
- Scottish Ren. Onshore Wind Conference – London
- Renewable UK Onshore Wind Event – Edinburgh
- Key Wind – Rimini
- Events and round tables on the topics of energy and environment.
ERGLab think-tank.
Accreditation from central and local institutions in countries where
we operate.


Creation of value.
Corporate Governance and Risk Management.
Representation of minorities.
Transparency and timeliness with
regard to
economic and financial information.

Shareholders' Meeting.
Press releases.
Events related to the presentation of the business

Shareholders' Meeting.
Roadshows in major financial markets.
Webcasts to present quarterly results.
Ongoing information about the Group's activities (press releases and
Financial community

Creation of value.
Corporate Governance
and Risk Management.
Transparency and timeliness
with regard to
economic and financial information.

Press releases.
Events related to the presentation of the business

Status updates on the implementation of the 2018-2022 Business Plan
Webcasts to present quarterly results.
Press releases.
CEO and CFO roadshows in the main European financial centres.
Italian Sustainability Day – Milan.
Management of relations with ESG rating companies.

People and trade union organisations
Workers with employee contracts,
workers without employee contracts,
trade unions.

Equal opportunities.
Workplace safety.
Professional development for all employee categories.
Participation in company life and all related initiatives.
Private life/work balance

Activities and tools for training, assessment and
internal communication.
Events during the year.
Team building.

Staff training.
Internal communication events for employees and their families.
Company volunteering project for preserving the local area.
Protocol for Industrial Relations.
Advanced training for trade union representatives.
Corporate welfare projects.

Local Community
Cultural, religious and research
associations, health service, NGOs,
Committees of citizens, residents
close to production plants.

Consideration of their requirements.
Contribution to and support for local initiatives and local communities.
Access to information.
Safeguarding of assets and environment.
Health and safety.
Meetings with local communities in line with ERG's
CSR initiatives on the territory for "environment and
health", "promotion of culture", "youth and sports".

Financial and organisational support to social, cultural and health
activities in the areas served.
Calls for ideas at national and international level (ERG ReGeneration
Future generations
Schools and Universities.

Prevention and environmental respect.
Training and sharing expertise.
Business strategy aimed at reducing the consumption of natural

Training and information projects.
CSR initiatives on the territory for "promotion of
culture" and "youth and sports".

Educational projects (Vai col vento, A tutta acqua, Progetto Scuola,
Electricity Day, Kinderwind).
Collaboration with Universities (MAGER project, classroom lessons).

Complete, timely and transparent information.

Press releases to disclose our financial statements,
business plan and extraordinary transactions.
Events with local press.

Relations with the Press Office for the disclosure of our periodical
results and extraordinary transactions, and of news about the
Group's activities.
Event with the financial press.


Compliance with all competition and antitrust laws in the countries
where ERG operates.
Accessibility to Vendor List.
Safety of on-site activities.

Web platform.
Involvement and monitoring on "occupational
safety" and sustainability issues.

Competitive tendering procurement procedures
Implementation of a new supplier qualification platform.
On-site HSE audits and activities for the control of suppliers'

Creation of value.
Acceptance of common values in the development
of the strategy
and business management.

Meetings.  Infrastructure Day – Milan.

Maximising value for the customer.
Quality and continuity in the supply of electricity and steam (site customers).