ERG Hydro - Registrazione EMAS

In 2015, we acquired from E.ON Italia the plants of the Hydroelectric Complex in Terni: a group of power production plants, reservoirs, pumping systems, dams, tunnels and channels situated in the territories of Umbria, Lazio and Marche. The plants and the water systems extend into the provinces of Terni, Perugia, Rieti and Macerata, while the Operations Centre is in Villa Fabrizi, in the Papigno area of the city of Terni.

The purchase of these assets was a very important transaction for the Group, not just for its economic value but also - and mainly – because it contributed towards strengthening our industrial position as a producer of electricity from environmentally-friendly and renewable sources.

The purchase of the hydroelectric plants by ERG Power Generation was concluded on 1st December 2015,  thus the Environmental Declaration pursuant to the EC regulation no. 1221/2009 represents the first chance for analysis and detailed description of all the topics of interest to ERG Hydro (the company that replaced E.ON as owner of the Complex), together with the reports of the relative indicators, in order to offer stakeholders an overall vision of the activities and the main environmental issues. By 2005, the Hydroelectric Complex in Terni (now ERG Hydro) had already obtained certification of its Environmental Management System pursuant to the ISO 14001 standard, while the first EMAS registration dates back to 2006.

This commitment has represented an important result which has required a cultural change in all workers and a remarkable effort in terms of organisation and personal endeavour.

The EMAS registration, together with the adoption of an Environmental Management System in line with the international ISO 14001 standard, will enable ERG Hydro to achieve effective and efficient management of environmental issues, based on trust and transparency with institutions and the general public, and with the active participation of employees and third parties operating on site. ERG Hydro's voluntary compliance with a EU eco-management system also represents further confirmation of the importance of environmental sustainability for our Group, making one of the goals of our CSR - communication with our stakeholders – even more efficient.

In fact, we are positive that it is only through active dialogue with interested parties and by applying a model of sustainable development that can we guarantee continued and quality results, combining them with the utmost regard for the environment and for the community.

The Environmental Declaration aims to provide complete and punctual information about the plants and the environmental performance of the organisation, with a view to continued improvement.

The document specifically sets out the commitments undertaken and the goal reached by the hydroelectric plants in 2015 and is our first opportunity to open up an effective and "active dialogue" which we are committed to continuing through the future.

EMAS Certificato di Registrazione - ERG Hydro S.r.l.
Nucleo Idroelettrico di Terni N. Registrazione: IT–000538 
Data di registrazione: 12 luglio 2006
Certificato valido fino al: 22 luglio 2020
ERG Hydro - Dichiarazione ambientale ai sensi del regolamento CE n. 1221/2009
Nucleo Idroelettrico di Terni
Revisione 2018
Dati prestazionali aggiornati al 31 dicembre 2017
ERG Hydro - Dichiarazione ambientale ai sensi del regolamento CE n. 1221/2009
Nucleo Idroelettrico di Terni
Revisione 2017
Dati prestazionali aggiornati al 31 dicembre 2016
ERG Hydro - Dichiarazione ambientale ai sensi del regolamento CE n. 1221/2009
Nucleo Idroelettrico di Terni
Anno 2015