ERG for Energy

The ERG Group has been producing its annual sustainability report since 2007, keeping stakeholders up to date on the evolution of the group as its transforms from an ‘oil' business to an ‘energy' business. Since the first edition we have adopted the 7 basic reporting principles of the GRI – Global Reporting Initiative:

Materiality, according to which information that may really interest stakeholders is presented;

Comprehensiveness, according to which all relevant issues and related information are included in the report;

Balance, according to which the issues are presented transparently and objectively irrespective of their quality;

Comparability, according to which all data is presented in a 3-year context to make it easy to compare and analyse the evolution of the indicators over time;

Accuracy, according to which the presented data and information are processed very accurately;

Timeliness, according to which the report is issued during the year after the publication of the Consolidated Financial statements;

Clarity, according to which a straightforward tone is used so it can easily be understood by all stakeholders.

The "third-party check" of the information contained in the document as compared with the gri standard application level used up until the 2012 report was completed, as of 2013, with the assurance of the report and its underlying processes with the aim of guaranteeing our readers the quality and reliability of the information contained herein: the A+ level achieved, the maximum score, is proof of the group's widespread commitment to guaranteeing ever improving levels of quality and depth of information.

The 2015 Sustainability Report was drafted in accordance with the ‘GRI 3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines' and includes the information required by the EUSS (Electric Utilities Sector Supplement), published by the GRI in 2011 and 2009 respectively.

The information and data contained in the document refer to the subsidiaries at 31 December 2015 and reflect the Group's consolidation scope in accordance with the IAS-IFRS accounting standards: the economic/fi nancial values are based on the ERG Group's Consolidated Financial Statements, which have already been audited. 
This year, in order to make sustainability issues more immediate and easier to understand, an animated infographic is available on the internet, which links our business activities with sustainability KPIs: surf through ERG come Energia (ERG for Energy)!