Environmental care

We conduct our operating activities in harmony with the region, the environment and natural resources. We are constantly improving the efficiency of our plants in order to safeguard the world we live in and to protect the diversity that surrounds us.

Repowering and reblading projects of our wind farms

Support to the activities
at the Oasis of Alviano (WWF)
Consolidation of the waste recovery system in the hydroelectric plants

5,236 GWh
of electricity
produced from renewable sources

of electricity used
generated from renewable sources
As well as protecting the climate, we act to protect the environment and natural resources, guiding society towards sustainable consumption models and working together to achieve the sustainability objectives established at European level.

This commitment is given a tangible representation in our development strategy, which envisages a sustainable approach to plant management that respects the region around us. One of the key pillars of our industrial plan is the technological renewal of the wind turbines in Italy through the Repowering and Reblading projects.

As well as being efficient and sustainable this activity does not generate significant impacts for environmental biodiversity, something we are committed to preserving with initiatives that include, for example, monitoring the birdlife around our wind farms and support for activities carried out at the Lake Alviano WWF Oasis. These elements enable us to protect the environment and optimise our renewable nature, further minimising the use of natural resources and promoting virtuous activities aimed at the circular economy.
Page updated at 29 Mar 2021