Environmental care

"ERG believes that the complete compatibility of its activities with the health and safety of workers, the territory, natural resources and the surrounding environment is an essential condition both for the acceptability of its plants and its operational activities, as well as the achievement of its growth objectives. ERG thus constantly works to ensure that the business operations of all Group companies are carried out with full respect for the health and safety of its employees and third parties, as well as the environment, intended in the broadest sense, carefully considering these factors as part of the long-term planning process and encouraging the adoption of environmentally-friendly and energy effi cient technologies.

(from ERG Group Code of Ethics)

One of our priorities and business responsibilities is the battle against climate change, which is mainly caused by the atmospheric emission of greenhouse gases, largely made up of carbon dioxide.

To reduce and offset greenhouse gases and respect European sustainability targets, for years we have pursued a long-term strategy based on the development of renewable sources, the promotion of energy efficiency, the use of the best techniques available for ensuring a constant reduction in emissions, and the use of fuels with low carbon content (natural gas) to reduce atmospheric pollution.
... the SDGs connected with our commitments in Environmental Sustainability...

CO2 avoided: 2018-2022

CO2 avoided: 2018-2022
To calculate CO2 avoided we have used the gCO2/kWh conversion factor published by Terna in its annual reports and referred to the thermoelectric power output of each country.

Decarbonising our electricity production

Decarbonising our electricity production
The transformation of our Group has enabled us to gradually reduce the carbon intensity of our output over the years.

In this way, at the end of 2018 we had reduced the carbon intensity of our output by 90% since entering the renewable energies sector. In the last four years we have reduced it by 42%.

RES (GWh)/Carbon index (gCO2/kWh)/CO2 avoided (kt) Production

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(from ERG 2018 Sustainability Report - Consolidated Non-Financial Reporting drawn up pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 254/2016)