Sustainability Indices

We are fully open for discussion and disclosure of detailed information on specific areas of expertise, not only to shareholders but also to companies that assess ERG according to ESG parameters (Environmental, Social, and Governance). In this respect, it is important to point out that, in November 2015, the ECPI upgraded its rating of the Group by assigning it an EE+ score, proving that it has "a clear long-term strategy, an efficient operational management and a positive contribution to the environment and the society as a whole".

In 2016, Vigeo's rating of ERG was also updated on the basis of the 2015 figures. The total result is not available yet, but we recorded a 55% improvement of the areas assessed, compared to 2014.

ERG nell'indice di sostenibilità Ethibel

ERG nell'indice di sostenibilità Ethibel
From 1 February 2017 ERG is included on the "Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register" which brings together the companies in our sector that, on average, perform best in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ethibel is an independent Belgian association whose goal is that of promoting companies that make a profit while respecting the environment.

CDP 2016: ERG Best Newcomer Italy

CDP 2016: ERG Best Newcomer Italy
Transparency with our stakeholders and respect of the environment are at the basis of our way of doing business.
These two principles and the growing requests from our (current or potential) investors on the Company's environmental performance has led us to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and to our first reply to the "Climate Change" questionnaire.

This questionnaire includes quantitative and qualitative figures on the Group's strategies and is focused on "climate change governance", on the basis of internationally-recognised standards.
ERG was awarded as Best Newcomer Italy, with an initial "B" rating (on a scale ranging from A - the best - to D - the worst).

This is an important acknowledgement of the actions and strategies we adopted to enhance the transparency of our communication. It also highlights our continuous commitment to sustainable development, aiming at combining economic performance with the reduction of CO2 emissions: our position as a green company and as a leader in the generation of electricity from renewable sources helps us actively support the
decarbonisation of the economy.

This commitment is in line with the results of COP 21, stipulated in the Paris Agreement, which sees the development of renewable energy as a fundamental element to fight climate change.