Risk diversification

In over 70 years of activity, one of ERG's cornerstones of economic sustainability has always been risk diversification: stable and mature businesses have always operated alongside other more profitable businesses, combining to create an optimum mix which sustains the Group, even in periods of difficulty.

Today, a significant part of our business is in wind energy, a sector characterized by two types of risk: meteorological risk (i.e. the variability of wind conditions in areas where the wind farms are located) and regulatory risk (i.e. changes to the regulatory framework).

To manage these risks, we are diversifying our activities from a geographical perspective by installing wind farms in Italy, France, Germany and Poland, and also in Romania and Bulgaria through LUKERG Renew. The table below summarises the incentive schemes available in the countries where we operate outside Italy.
Bulgaria Feed in Tariff
France Feed in Tariff + Call for Tenders
Germany Feed in Premium + Direct Marketing
Poland Green certificates
Romania Green certificates