CSR Management

"The CEO of ERG S.p.A. is responsible for Institutional and International Relations concerning [...] Corporate Social Responsibility*": the CEO's direct report line ensures that CSR principles permeate the Group's organisation and activities.

The CEO is supported in his guidance activities by a structure consisting of three bodies:
  • the Sustainability Committee;
  • the Sustainability Department;
  • the CSR Working Groups.
The Sustainability management system also includes the Supervisory Committees, set up in each of the Group's companies' pursuant to Model 231, and the CSR Initiatives Evaluation Committee at group level, made up of representatives from the operating companies, the Communications Department and the Sustainability Department.
*BoD Resolution of 12 May 2016.

Sustainability Governance

  • Our Sustainability Committee

    The Sustainability Committee, made up by the Chairman, the Executive Deputy Chairman, the CEO of ERG S.p.A. and the Managing Directors of the Renew and Power business units and the Chief Public Affairs and Communication offi cer, is responsible for the following tasks:

    • define Group's sustainability directions and promote consistent practices in the context of corporate social responsibility; approve, monitor and evaluate sustainability objectives and priority areas for action related to CSR;
    • approve the timing and media for the Sustainability Report and for CSR initiatives.

    The presence of the BU Managing Directors ensures that the Sustainability Strategy and Policy are implemented in depth within the different companies of the Group.
    This process is managed:

    • in the human resources area by a special internal committee (the HCC, Human Capital Committee), which includes all the members of the Sustainability Committee except the Chairman;
    • in the Investment area by the Strategic Committee (including the Ceo and Vice Chairman) and by the Investment Committee (including the CEO and the Managing Director of the business unit concerned).
  • Our Sustainability Department

    The Sustainability Department acts as a link between the BUs (represented in the CSR Working Group) and the sustainability Committee:

    • collects all the inputs coming from the lines, representing them in the Sustainability Report set up according to international benchmark standards;
    • supports the Committee in carrying out its tasks, in particular in the monitoring and reporting process and in implementing the directions that have been decided (via the Csr Working Group);
    • operationally implements the CSR-related actions identifi ed by the sustainability Committee within the Group.
  • Our CSR Working Group

    The CSR Working Groups, one for each Business Unit, are working groups which cross the organizational units, and focus on:
    • identifying CSR initiatives and collecting CSR-related concerns from key stakeholders, and also to include them in the Sustainability Report;
    • identifying the areas to report on in the Sustainability Report;
    • developing and proposing sustainability objectives and monitoring their achievement;
    • collecting the kPIs that have been defined for sustainability reporting purposes, including those concerning continuous improvement projects implemented in relation to the certification systems in place within the Group;
    • proposing CSR initiatives to raise the awareness of Group's staff.