Creating Value

The creation of sustainable value added over time is possible thanks to a series of actions aimed at improving our way of doing business, transforming them into a competitive advantage.
Improving processes, technology and business practices for increasingly reliable and high-performance plants.
An eye on technological innovation to prepare our path towards the future.
Our Group has always maintained a careful asset management policy in order to guarantee the long-term continuity of the group.

An analysis of the financial results over the years and related distributed dividends provides further evidence of the success of this approach.

In recent years, ERG has been able to satisfactorily remunerate the capital invested by its shareholders. In 2018, an ordinary dividend of EUR 0.75 per share was paid out (EUR 0.75 in 2017).
... the SDGs connected with our commitments in Economic Sustainability...

Data and indicators

Data and indicators
(from ERG 2018 Sustainability Report - Consolidated Non-Financial Reporting drawn up pursuant to Italian Leg. Decree 254/2016)
ERG Group - Supplier Code of Conduct
approved by the Board of Directors of ERG S.p.A. on 31 October 2019
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